Saturday, November 19, 2011

Where has the time gone?

I'll tell you... it just disappears! Can't believe it's been so long since I posted last! Honestly, I have to blame Facebook. It's so easy to post and keep up with so many all at once, I forget to blog!

What's the latest?
  • The Creative Quest, my favorite place to work, has gone out of business. The good news is that while one owner is retiring to just have fun, Kathie is reopening another store, right next door, but it will be smaller. We're hoping to be back open to the public next month but at the latest, the beginning of January.
  • I got another part time job working at my church. I work with Children's ministry. I go in during the week, to all the kids classrooms, take inventory of items needed as well as snacks, do the shopping, restock, clean and sanitize, set up, etc... so everything is ready for Sunday mornings. I love being able to create order.
  • Women's Bible Study is back in full swing as are yoga classes. I'm thoroughly enjoying both.
  • The Women's Bible study group now has a monthly hiking group so I have been fortunate to be able to join them. This morning, we hiked at South Mountain. There were 7 of us today and it was a gorgeous morning! I'll share some photos.

Cool truck at the base of the mountain!

Six of us made it to the look out point.

The whole gang.

The stacked stones create this mountain and it amazes me, to see God's sense of order, even in stones.

You will notice a slight obsession with cactus, particularly those with wounds, decay, or already dead. I think there so much beauty in them.

cool to see new growth popping out... and I think this is a completely different variety of cacti growing out of a Saguaro. Must be bird planted seeds.

It fascinates me how plants grow right out of the rocks. This trees entire root system is exposed in the rock! Very cool.

Sun rising over the mountain highlighting the cactus needles.

LOVE all the mossy rocks!

My life is so busy running from one job to the next (I work 5 different part time jobs and that does not include putting together and teaching classes), taking care of my kids and household... I've had no time to do art for myself. I'm in bad need of a studio clean out and reorganization! BAD need, I tell ya'.