Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's a Sale!!!

From now until Christmas, I am having a sale in my etsy shop! Enter the coupon code "CHRIST!" at check out and receive 20% off your entire purchase! Do Christmas shopping in your pajamas!

More to update soon, I promise!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Upcoming event for locals!

If you are local, mark your calendars!!!
On Saturday, December 11 from 10 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., a special event is being hosted for me at the home of Martha Wenzel, located at 8420 N. 17th Ave. (just S. of Butler). Come enjoy a bowl of soup, shop for a one-of-a-kind journal, and/or learn how to make your own! If you would like more details, please e-mail me and I will e-mail you the flyer I made up. I cannot get the file to copy and paste for my blog post!

This is the sample journal for the class I will be doing, which starts at 10:30. Each journal will be different. The class is $15. and that includes everything you need to make a journal! Seating is limited so reservations are required. Please contact me if you would like to join me! Come and bring a friend!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I am completely smitten with the sky right now. The moon, the clouds, the sun rising.... I took pictures this morning and again tonight. The sunrise was interesting this morning with all of the clouds. Some of the moon pictures were obviously taken more at a distance. Interesting how the color changes the closer I zoom in. When the moon was setting this morning, it was more stunning than the rising, if that is possible. I couldn't get a photo though because of the two story buildings behind my house blocking the full view of the moon. The glow was unbelievable though. I"m hoping to get a shot in the morning as I am planning to get up earlier so it will be higher in the sky. We'll see what kind of show it puts on in the morning.

I've been busy making Christmas ornaments for the boutique I am participating in on Dec. 4. I've also been putting together blank journals to sell. Busy, busy.....

Saturday, November 20, 2010


While driving home from work this evening, I got to stare at the gorgeous and huge full moon all the way home. I kept telling myself that I needed to remember to get my camera out when I got home. Well, I'm beyond thrilled at this cool shot I got! Don't forget to click on the image to enlarge it!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

So sorry!

I'm such a goof. I just realized this evening, that my pdf file was no longer showing up for sale in my etsy store because I had originally listed only 5 and they all sold so I had to relist the file for the next 5. If you have been trying to find the listing, I'm so, so sorry! It is there now. I promise!

Get it while it's hot!

Only FIVE more copies of my instructional pdf file left at the introductory offer! If you are thinking about purchasing your own copy, now is the time to do it! They are going fast! Of course you can always buy another time but you save $5.00 being one of the next five people to purchase! Thanks for the quick responses! I'd love to see books made using this instructional file!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Well, I know I'm a bit behind on my blog posting... life has been really busy, I got a stomach virus (my first illness in years), Sam had his birthday party at Castles 'N Coasters (another post), I celebrated my birthday yesterday, etc....

But, I have an announcement to make! Remember this book?
"One page at a Time"

It utilizes my original binding technique allowing you to bind a single page at time. It's great for swapping mail art, painting on pages outside of the book and binding them later, miniature quilted pages, etc... or, if you bind all pages ahead of time, the book lays open flat to paint in it! The technique makes a great book! I have now taught this class twice with both classes being a great success! After having many people ask me how I was doing this technique, I have decided to make my 10 page instruction booklet (complete with photos) available in a pdf file for purchase in my Etsy store! As an introductory offer, the first 10 will be offered for a discounted price of $10. After the first 10 have sold, the regular price will be $15. each. So, now is your chance! Head on over to my Etsy store and get your own copy hot off the press, so to speak!