Sunday, November 21, 2010


I am completely smitten with the sky right now. The moon, the clouds, the sun rising.... I took pictures this morning and again tonight. The sunrise was interesting this morning with all of the clouds. Some of the moon pictures were obviously taken more at a distance. Interesting how the color changes the closer I zoom in. When the moon was setting this morning, it was more stunning than the rising, if that is possible. I couldn't get a photo though because of the two story buildings behind my house blocking the full view of the moon. The glow was unbelievable though. I"m hoping to get a shot in the morning as I am planning to get up earlier so it will be higher in the sky. We'll see what kind of show it puts on in the morning.

I've been busy making Christmas ornaments for the boutique I am participating in on Dec. 4. I've also been putting together blank journals to sell. Busy, busy.....