Saturday, November 24, 2007


First of all, Lori's 10 year heart celebration was wonderful and very special. She loved the book I made for her.

We went out for Thanksgiving dinner with my mom and step-dad with my nephew joining us. Mom and I caught up on a couple games of Scrabble in the afternoon. We are viciously competitive when it comes to Scrabble! We love playing. We each won a game that day.

Thanksgiving evening, upon returning home, Max notices a couple of Bratz dolls on my art table. He wants to know what they are doing here... I mean, there are no 'girls' in our house.... and these dolls were naked and missing their feet! Well, I got them on Freecycle and just need them for the hands so Max's little eyes lit up and he wanted to know if he and Sam could have the rest of the dolls. I'm thinking, "HUH?" well, they joyfully ripped the arms off the dolls, pulled out scissors, and proceeded to cut off all the dolls hair! Here they are in action... which, by the way, brought them great pleasure. It was so fun to watch them... they are truly my sons in this moment... from a retired hairdresser/artist, getting to watch both your boys cutting hair and altering dolls... well, it makes me giggle. Here they are:

Sam, my little entrapenuer, got the idea that if they could get more dolls, they could give them new haircuts and sell them to girls at school! LOL! Now this tells me he is Chuck's son! hehehehe! They did get another doll head, asked me to give it a mohawk, color it red, and then they decorated the face, stuck the head on a chop stick and promptly named it the Magical Laughing Wand because it makes you laugh when you look at it. And let me tell you, they both had their giggle boxes on full blast over this.

Yesterday, I spent the day cleaning my studio! I had the boys clean their half of the room, the play room, on Wednesday and now my half is clean and it feels so great! I finished a piece of work today... my piece which was the meditation response to the Samaritan Woman from my Art Expressions Bible study class. The words are: The thirst that from the soul doth rise doth ask a drink divine." I used tar gel to create the illusion of water dripping down the painting. I'm happy with the result. There's a close up of the words with the "water" running down. I love the affect.

I am now counting down the days until next Friday... Fran and I are going out of town for a girl weekend!!!!!! I've never done anything like this and I'm beyond excited! We're driving up to Prescott, AZ which has turned really artsy in the past several years with many funky little galleries all over. We'll be taking our own stuff to work on too! This is our birthday celebration weekend a little late. We're both still working on gifts for each other too so now the time crunch is on. I worked several hours today and am beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel! I can't wait to give her my gift!

Well, it's bedtime for me. Gonna' hit the hay.


Karen Campbell said...

Love the story about the boys and the dolls -- you would never have caught my brother doing that LOL He wanted no part of dolls and didn't want me tainting his trucks either LOL

And the collage turned out fab! I need to try drawing some simple faces before DJ's class -- not sure I'm ready for this LOL

Linda Jo said...

Angie..........this is beautiful! And...I would love to be in your class.

Aileen said...

Wow Angie that turned out awesome using the tar gel it really does look like water, great job!!
Loved seeing the pictures of the boys LOL

Joanne Huffman said...

The boys are definitely becoming altered artists, and how cool that they might make it profitabloe (what girl would be delighted with a bald Bratz head?).

Your Samaritan woman collage is beautiful and the tar gel works perfectly. I bet your class is wonderful and the students love what you have them do.


Maija said...

Your boys crack me up! How funny are they!
Have a wonderful time with Fran - it;s good for your soul to spend time with your best friend!

Angela Hoffmann said...

oh i cracked up over the boys..that is hysterical...sounds like home to
your painting is wonderful and I love the verse~

have tons of fun with Fran..sounds like such a delightful adventure~

Veleta (Sammy) said...

Hello, I was pointed to your blog by Connie.. she said you also do your art for God... This is what I am also trying to do... Loved getting to know you and know how your spirit in the Lord shines thru... Isn't he just so amazing! Glad I got to see your art and will be back many times...

DJ said...

Love your Katie inspired faces! And the class you did with the women at church was wonderful as well.
Angie, can you send me your email address? I lost all my addresses a while back and wanted to respond to your note on my blog this morning about the kitty ornament!