Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Crazy Life

Well, it has really been a while since I posted. Thanks to all of you for your sweet notes. Since my last post, we were able to have my step-father's memorial service once mom was released from the hospital. I worked hard creating a memory board for the service and also shared at the service. If you click on the photo to enlarge and wonder about the $5. bill on the board, it was a reminder that Fred often would say to you, "That'll be $5.00!" He tried to pull that and charge you for getting a drink at the house, using the bathroom, anything... it was his standing joke! Anyway, it was a nice, simple service... just how he would have wanted it. In the midst of the aftermath of all this, I had some other critical personal things going on that I do not have the freedom to share here but let's just say, I couldn't imagine feeling more like Job that I did through those few weeks! But, as difficult and painful as it ALL was, I was more overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from those around me, and even those far away. God is always a good and faithful provider. And He is a God of abundance... I was lavished with abundance of blessing during this time. I am so grateful to those who allowed God to use them to love me and my family.Can you believe that my mom and Fred were married for almost 21 years and this event was the first time all of us kids and step-siblings were together to meet?! On the left is my sister, Rhonda and brother , Jeff. On my right, is Pam, Christi, and Doug, who flew in from GA. How sad that all these years we have all never met until we lost our dad.

Mom is doing ok. She is learning to restructure her life into a new normal doing things for herself that she hasn't done in many years. Fred did pretty much everything from grocery shopping, filling the car with gas, cleaning, cooking, well... you get the picture. But, as I told mom, she isn't having to learn how to do anything she doesn't already know how to do. ...except deal with the lawn mower.... she is just having to do those things by herself now. She is doing pretty well and has started attending a support group for suicide survivors, which I think will be really great for her.

I don't think I have fully processed everything yet as grief seems to hit me in waves at weird times. In the shower, driving down the street, etc... when I least expect it.

Now, on to happier things... we added two new kitties to our family!!! One for Max, one for Sam. We got them from a woman who does rescues, tames feral litters, get them their shots, has them spayed/neutered, and finds homes for them. Meet Marvin, Max's baby, who would be the perfect kitten for a little girl to dress up in doll clothes... he's like a very tolerant little ragdoll baby. Marvin was already named and we liked it so kept it. Max calls himself and Marvin the M&M team.

And then there's Bob, Sam's new baby! Sam named him and we mostly call him Little Bob... like Little Joe from Bonanza! LOL! They are so proud of their own babies! Now I'm the only female with FIVE males in the house! LOL!
It was quite an adjustment for Kenzy and took a while for me to determine if he was really being agressive or just playing really rough! There was no hissing, spitting, growling, etc.. but the chasing and biting... however, by watching the kittens with each other, I began realizing that they were doing the same exact thing Kenzy was while they were playing. We allowed them to slowly get use to being around each other and just watching them. When Kenzy gets to rough, I break it up but mostly, they are doing great. Kenzy is like a Papa to them giving them baths. It's so cute!
They are really doing great together and we know we'll have many years of joy with the three of them.

And, I have been crazy, crazy busy getting ready for Art Unraveled! Last night was the opening night for "Meet the Artists" and a short program given by Quinn MacDonald. It was a really enjoyable evening. I loved getting to share my books/ class samples with everyone and meet some of those who have signed up for my class! This Saturday is vendor day. It will be the first time I've ever done a vendor day and I'm like a crazy woman making things to sell! On top of finishing preparations for my class, which I'm teaching next Tuesday! There are only 2 spots left in the class, I think, so it's not too late to join in! Here are some of the paintings I've been doing this past week... more watercolor on canvas, which I'm so crazy about!!!!! Please remember that my camera was stolen so these are terrible photos taken with my computer camera!!! Bleh!
I have two more in progress. I work on them in tandem and then spend time at my sewing machine in between times! Working on some books too.

Oh, and guess what? I was contacted and asked to be the new art teacher for the local Home School Resource Center!!! It's only one morning a week, which leaves me time for other endeavors, and I'll be teaching art to home school kids for this school year! Isn't that great! I'm very excited. I start Sept. 8th.

I also have class proposals due for a weekend retreat coming up in Houston in April. My proposal deadline is Sept. 1 for that retreat. Then, for Art Unraveled 2010, I have to submit proposals by Sept. 15! I'm also in early stages of talking with someone about teaching a weekend workshop in the Denver area! I need more hours in the day to get all this stuff done! there won't be much of a break after AU is over next week as I have to really crank to come up with new classes, write the proposals, make the samples, get them photographed, write up supply lists, hand outs, etc... it's a TON of work! I enjoy it but the time crunch is painful! Thankfully, school starts back next week!!!!!!! Can I hear a "Hallelujah"?!?! This will give me time each day to work in peace! Lord, how thankful I am for school!

Well, I need to get busy painting a bit before I have errands to run! If you here in the Valley, get over here to the retreat and join in a class or two! It's being held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Paradise Valley. And Vendor day is a great event to attend and have the opportunity to buy amazing artwork from many, many artists! Or if you are a mixed media artist, it's a great place to purchase a variety of supplies you can't find here locally! so come check it out on Saturday, starting at 10:00!


Steph said...

Love your paintings! They are beautiful, and so is the artist. Thanks for posting---you are greatly missed!

Judi said...

I'm so excited for your Home School job. You will make a great art teacher for those kids! I'm so thankful God is providing these amazing teaching jobs for you, enabling you to do what you love and earn some money. I know He will continue to bless and provide for you.

Joanne Huffman said...

I look forward to seeing you Friday and checking out your table, where I expect to see things flying off the proverbial shelves, on Saturday.

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

I am so sorry to hear what you and your family are going through! They memory board is beautiful and I am sure so appreciated by everyone who was able to see it. You are so lucky to know you have God to lean on in times like this! Praying for you and your family!!

linda t said...

Wow Angie, you are one busy girl. Praying these opportunities allow you to meet your financial needs while doing what you love and are gifted to do. Praise God HE keeps giving you opportunities to make a living and care for your boys... yes, all five of them!! Ha!