Friday, November 6, 2009

Quick update on my little guy

Well, today was Max's first day on his ADHD medication. He got home from school and, with great enthusiasm, says to me, "Mom, today was a really good day at school! Three things happened. (1) I didn't get talked to even once (meaning the teacher didn't have to get onto him for a number of reasons that have become normal every day) (2) I got an A+ cone on my desk and a sticker (earned for good behavior in class) (3) I got a lot of my work done today! Wow, that medicine really works!" He was so excited! And I was so happy to see him excited about a good day at school. He also get pretty jazzed because one of the cool teachers at school was a HUGE skateboarder ... well, guess he sorta' still is but he's no a teenager anymore! Anyway, he was showing Max some tricks on Max's skateboard. He's really, really good and Max thinks he's can skate on water... Well, I know this teacher from church. A super sweet guy. He asked if he could come over some time and skate with Max and teach him some stuff with his board! I was so excited for Max and Max was ready to jump out of his skin! They made a plan for after school next Friday and Max is already counting the days! :)

I taught a private art class today and got 4 fabric coffee sleeves made this afternoon. That is one item I will be selling at an upcoming arts/crafts bazaar. I have a few other different things I want to make as well, especially get some journals done, but I think these will be good sellers. They are fairly easy, don't take long to make, and are really cute... AND, they are "green"! No longer need the cardboard cup sleeves at coffee shops! Beautiful reusable fabric sleeves are the way to go! ;)

Now to see of Project Runway is up on the web yet. I don't have a t.v. and always have to wait to watch the show on the website! Hopefully it's up now and I can hang out and watch it in bed!


Susan Lenz said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I got all the artificial flowers by visiting local cemeteries. Please understand, I NEVER remove anything from the grave but I feel the large commercial dumpsters hidden at the very back of the place are fair game. All the flowers are taken apart and I wash the fabric. While there are many who find my grave rubbings and flowers to be totally sacrilegious or morbid (or both), I am interested in exploring the concept of we, across time and multiple generations, mark our lives. I'm hoping to spark conversation and response that questions how each of us would like to live our remaining days on earth. I hope people seeing the final work will wonder about what they'd personally like to leave behind and what they'd like said about them after they're gone. Thus, the interest in epitaphs, graves, and the floral decorations. I'm working toward a solo show upcoming in February. It has been very interesting creating this work. Sure, most fiber artists don't ordinarily go dumpster diving for raw material, but it works for me. I've received some criticism for the grave rubbings and for collecting these artificial flowers....but I remind myself that I'm not the one throwing out little American flags! I haven't decided how to use these....but I've collected many from the trash. Personally, I can't see honoring a veteran with a flag and then tossing the flag into the trash!
PS I hope your son's life brings you many more positive days!

Joanne Huffman said...

Glad to hear things are working out for Max. I love the photos you took on your retreat week-end. Forty Five isn't very old at all!

Lorri Scott said...

Hey Angie,

It looks like your life is looking up! Yea!!


alece said...

i kinda wish i were creative. and artsy. i sit here amazed that you're making fabric coffee cup sleeves.

and while i don't know any of his history or story, i'm glad (for both of you) that max's meds have already been a help. i'm sure that feels like a weight lifted from your shoulders.

Anonymous said...

Bookmarked this. Thank you for sharing. Positively worth my time.

Anonymous said...

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