Monday, January 25, 2010

I'd like your thoughts

I am wondering what your thoughts are about online classes? I'm wondering if some of my classes might do well as online classes and if I should look into that possibility and explore further. Any thoughts? Anyone? Experiences? Likes/ dislikes?


Dotti said...

I've taken two on-line classes. A 2 session one on funky felt pins from Susan Sorrell and a mixed media collage one from Terri Stegmiller. I really liked Susan's class. Terri's was fun too but it was in 4 parts and two of the parts I found to be redundant as they both used glue, one gutta. So, I hesitate to take another class from her because of this! Except for that...I like the idea of on-line classes.


Ramona Davidson said...

Like your art. Lovely colors and compositions. Beautiful.

Judi said...

Hi Angie,
I can see both pros and cons of online classes.

On the Pro side:
...distant people can learn from your abundant talents and skills without having to travel

...(I'm thinking) your students can take the class on their schedule can "sell" the class at any time (if it's not a live thing)

On the Con side:
...students don't get the hands on help a live classroom allows

...students don't get to see what others are doing, share the inspiration, share the resources, etc.

...shy people can take the class free of possible intimidation from
the brilliantly creative person sitting next to them

Other than these feeble observations, I'll let those more knowledgeable and involved give their more valuable thoughts.

The Backporch Artessa said...

I think you are a great person to do this! I've taken several online classes and enjoyed them. I like that I can watch at 3 am if that is when the muse is awake.

The ones I enjoyed best were ones that showed clear closeups as the artist worked, as well as had online "hand outs". Quality of video made a big difference in how much I enjoyed the classes too. If it was a blurry image, I felt a little to stressed, straining to see each little detail.

Best of luck!

Robyn Buxton said...

Love the blog!!! Your artwork is fabulous! Let's keep in touch. What a year with our Lord, huh. Jer 29:11

Seth said...

I have taken a few online classes and found them quite satisfying. You can go at your own pace and work ant any hour that is convenient. I have not taken her classes but I have heard great things about the online classes given by Julie at The Land of Lost Luggage

Mija said...

Please do and teach us how to make that fabulous recycled bag book! smiles,