Wednesday, August 10, 2011


(sketch from my spot in the woods, high up on the boulders)
It's taken a few days to recover from AU. It was a great event but boy, did I hit a wall by Saturday night!?! Exhausted!

Yesterday, I took my boys to Prescott for the day since we haven't been able to go do anything "fun" or vacation-like all summer. Prescott is only about an hour and a half drive north but about 25 degrees cooler! It was a perfect day. We had fun looking in stores in the square in town. Then, we had a picnic at Goldwater lake where we spent the entire afternoon. We drove back into town for dinner. We got home last night about 10:30. It was a nice break. Loved having time in the woods with no outside sounds. Even Sam kept taking about how nice and quiet it was! I took a lot of photos and did one small watercolor painting in a journal... a quick sketch. Felt great! Here are some of my favorite photos. WARNING... there are a lot of photos!!!

boys and their air soft guns

Max trying to look serious but I love the photo.

Love all the moss!

the photo of this crane was taken from across the lake

Sharing our lunch!


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Joanne Huffman said...

great photos! Glad you had a chance to relax with your boys.

Sarah said...

I just read your comment off Cindy bealls blog about how God provided for you and your boys. He is indeed good and i bet your faith grew because of this. Love all the pics on your blog very beautiful. :-)