Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Queen, Mud bog, and a journal

OK, so you are wondering what those three things have in common, right? Well, nothing other than they all happened in the past few days! It's been so warm here that I let my boys play in the hose and make a mud bog in the back yard. They were happy campers for a few hours! To get them in the house and to the tub, I made a "mud bus"... really, a plastic laundry basket parked by the door. They had to get in and they were pulled to the bathroom and put into the tub! LOL! Hey, it worked!

The Queen is Minya, my red abyssinan. Max made her a crown and I snapped a few pictures of her wearing it during her first moments of being crowned Queen of the house. Max is always coming up with something new for Minya. I swear, if he had been born a girl, Minya would have lived the remainder of her life in doll clothes. Max and Minya have a special bond and it's still shocks me at what she not only tolerates, but sits and begs for considering that she was a cat that didn't like kids AT ALL before I had Max! Now they are practically inseparable. She's 18 now and I know we won't have her much longer. I'm gonna' have one very distraught little boy on my hands when she dies... not to mention the shape I'll be in.

The journal is one made from a composition notebook. I took this photo of a cactus skeleton and it's one of my favorite photos I've ever taken. I decided to give it an interesting look by cutting the photo into 1 -inch squares and then gluing them to the front of the journal. I also attached a small piece of the actual cactus skeleton that I collected after taking the photo. This journal is being donated to a fund raiser for our church mission trips. A major fundraiser is held every March. It's a music night and silent auction. This year, one of the things I put in the auction were 2 blocks of 2 classes in my home studio to create your own journal or collage on canvas. I've had several people ask me if I teach and I figured this would be a good time to try it out! I'm auctioning a 3 hour class for up to 4 people but it's being split into two separate auctions for 2 people each. I am donating the journal for a sample as well as an auction item. I also put together a small photo book containing photo samples of many of my collage pieces. I have also donated one of my soldered china necklace pieces and some items that will go into a basket that our book club is putting together as well as another for our Women's Bible Study basket. It's always a fun night. Now, to find a sitter....although, it might be fun to take the boys this year. It's just that then I'd have to leave early to get them home to bed. Ugh!

Well, I'm off to get some things cleaned up and maybe watch a movie with the boys. I can cut birds out for my next fat book page while we watch!
Oh, and I couldn't resist this photo! How precious are the hands of a little artist! I took the boys with me to Michael's yesterday and they had these little kits for wooden cards, boats, submarines, etc... They came with paint and glue and they were only $1.00!!! The boys each got two and came home to build and paint their stuff. These are Max's hands. Aren't they darling?! :)
OK, now I'm really signing off....


Darya said...

Your boys are adorable. And Minya is looking very regal in her crown. 18! That is a wonderful, long time to have her in your life. When she is gone, you'll just have to remember that, and cherish her coronation photo.

joanne huffman said...

Angie, the mud bus is a great way to let the boys enjoy the mud outside, but not bring it all inside. What a fun activitiy for them (it was 37˚ here today, so the picture of the sun and mud was a treat). Minya looks beautiful in her crown. The journal cover is beautiful. I bet your classes are bid on very quickly. You should include the young artists hadns in one of your collages. I really enjoyed your pictures and your write up.

jackie said...

Enjoyed the fun photos, Angie! Your boys are so adorable and so creative!
I have never seen a cactus skeleton before - very cool art work!

linda t said...

Angie, you are just the BEST Mom!
I can't wait to see your awesome creations... your art masterpieces! You are sooo gifted Angie!
And sooo generous! ODF is so blessed to have you!God bless you and your family!

Lisa Gallup said...

Ohmigosh!! I didn't know there was ANOTHER mother who let their kids make mud bogs!! lol Mine are now 15 and 17, so they don't play in the mud anymore (tee hee), but they LOVED it when they were little. My neighbors thought I was NUTS! Some of my fave pics are of my kids outback in their underwear, playing in the mud, and having a ball. :) Thanks for the memories! :):)

Anonymous said...

What great stories Angie. I enjoyed reading them all. I especially loved reading about your boys and mud. Brings back some wonderful memories of when I let my 2 boys play in the mud. Only I would have them strip down and then I would hose them off. I wished I had taken pictures. Didn't think of it back then.
I love Minya and her crown. You know me and cats!Thanks for sharing.
kathy mc

Anonymous said...

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