Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bird Fat book pages

Well, except for embellishment of twigs, my second set of bird pages are finished. I did get one finished and photographed so you can see what the final product will be. In real life, the pages are very tactile. I'm pleased with them but gosh, what a lot of work! I was up at 5:00 this morning working on them non-stop until about 9:30! Now, to add the eyelets and finish tying the twigs. Anyway, here they are:

The grid page is a photo of one of my watercolor painted birds adhered to black paper and then cut into one inch squares and reassembled onto fabric which has then been overlaid with vinyl and sewn. The twig is tied to the page through eyelets.
The back of the page, the bluebirds, are others I've painted. These were originally cut out and collaged onto fabric. For this piece though, I printed photos of the collage. I then cut a window out of the page to create a frame for the photo and sewed it in.
I just was at the mall with my boys and now I feel like I need a long nap. Buying shoes for Max is TORTURE and next time, I'm planning to make Chuck take him! Although he is very active and social, he melts down when he's around a lot of activity for very long. He was in major melt down by the time we got home. And we were not even out for 3 hours!!!
Time to get a cup of Joe.


Joanne Huffman said...

Angie, as always, your art is a joy to behold. I know these pages gave you a lot of trouble, but they look sooo beautiful.

I empathize about the shoe buying. When my girls were the ages of your sons, I used to threaten that I would get tattoos of shoes put on their feet and then they could go barefoot.

shirleymcc said...

stunning angie - truly beautiful!