Tuesday, April 3, 2007

art frenzy

I have been in a creative frenzy. In the past 24 hours, I've made two note cards, a soldered china pendant, a microscope slide pendant, and completed my journal quilt for February... yes, I'm behind. But I'm going to catch up! I plan to work on my March quilt on Thursday. Here is a picture of all the bird LFB pages together before mailing. The top two rows are fronts/backs of page one and the second set are the lower two rows. Boy, am I glad to be done with that!
Both of these pendants are gifts.This is my journal quilt.
I wanted to do something celebrating God's love for me and this past summer, while walking on the beach in Oceanside, I picked up this shell and it spoke God's love for me as I wondered why God had put such beauty on the INSIDE of a shell that wasn't exactly "meant" to be seen since it was the inside house for an animal at the bottom of the ocean! I was struck by the detail that God put into something seemingly so insignificant. Oh, how much more He loves me! I also saw God, theCreator taking such joy in the process just because he chose to create. It brought Him delight. His creation brings him delight and we are part of that. I also noticed that the outside of the shell is just sorta' plain looking and brown. It made me think of people....How we judge the "plain" outside and assume the inside is the same, yet, the real true beauty lies within and we will see it if we just take time to look. So, I used this shell and soldered on the top starting my wire wrapping. It is then suspended in a cut out window of the quilt using wire, pearls, and silver beads, which are also embellishmentsof the quilt itself. The "tubes" running in the quilt are actually tubes of sand I encased in vinyl and they are sewn into the quilt. My quilt measures 5-1/2 x 11. I want my pages for my quilt journal book to be different sizes. Now, onto March! I WILL catch up this month! I'm determined!
I worked on this almost all day yesterday and just as I sewed on the very last bead, I went to straighten a wire on the shell just a tad and the right hand corner of the shell broke off! I almost had a heart attack! It's the only one I have in the size and it had the prettiest color. AND, I had already rewired it into the cut out window twice! Well, I'm not one to toss anything or keep re-doing... I just change the plan. So, I made more wire swirls and filled in the broken corner with them. It worked although not as pretty as the original shell but hey, you gotta' adjust sometimes, right? So, the final shell product was my "lemonade".
Now, tonight, I have plans!!!!! My best bud, Fran, has invited me over to celebrate Passover with her family!!!!! I'm a little nervous but more excited. I can't think of being with Fran without getting excited! LOL! I get to FINALLY meet her hubby and his parents. I feel like I already know them though. It will be a wonderful, fun evening. It will be an amazing time of learning about the Jewish customs and traditions which I find so fascinating. I'm also really happy to get to be part of this celebration, not only to share it with my best friend, but to partake in a Holy ceremony that God's chosen people have been doing for centuries and, it is a celebration that my Savior was participating in over 2000 years ago just days before his crucifixion. I'm honored to get to be part of anything that He celebrated and it helps prepare my heart for the celebration of His amazing Love as He offered himself as a sacrificial lamb for me and triumphed over death when He was risen!!!!! Easter is my most favorite holiday so I'm very much looking forward to Sunday.
Well, Max sorta' "faked" sick this morning, as best I can tell, so he's home watching a movie and I had to miss Bible study. I'm disappointed. I guess I need to go clean my house since I certainly didn't do it yesterday while I was creating all day! Too bad there aren't two of me. Or better yet, someone else to clean entirely! LOL!


linda t said...

Oh Angie... please, please will you teach me to make those slide/soldering pendents??!!!
I have been so close to signing up for a class at either Lucky 15 or Montrose Vintage... but know that I could do it myself, if I just had someone to walk me through it.
So, please say you will!!!

kathy mc said...

Angie, I love how you think. The shell story was very thought provoking. It's amazing what hidden treasures you can find in nature. Indeed, God has them everywhere, if you take the time to look.
A very interesting story about you and Fran. Having an open mind is a wonderful thing. Think of what you would miss in the world without one.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories and your beaustiful art pieces.

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Angie, isn't it great when you have those explosions of creativity and get so much done?

Thanks for sharing the story behind your journal quilt page. I find it very meaningful and inspirational to read about other people's art journeys. I also think it's important that we artists talk about our work as much as we are able!

-- Judy Merrill-Smith

Wabbit said...

Goodness, princessburninghair, you HAVE been busy! I wish I was one fifth the artist you are. Thank you for sharing and I'm glad for you that you are done.

linda t said...

This is weird... I left a real long comment yesterday and I don't see it...
Anyway, what I said was PLEASE teach me to do those glass slide pendants! Please!
I have been tempted to sign up at Lucky 15 and Montrose Vintage also teaches that class... but I know that I just need someone to walk me through it.
So HELP! I sooo want to make one!!

joanne huffman said...

Angie, your art frenzy is certainly an explocison of creativity. The pendants are beautiful. The quilt journal is elegant, inspirational and a joy to see. God has given you the blessings of seeing and creating.

Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Angie your bird pages look amazing and the solderd pieces are beautiful I especially like the one with the feather :-)

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

The pendants are gorgeous. Lucky people who get them. --Susan C.

Maija said...

Fabulous artistic frenzy, Angie!
Beautiful creations!