Sunday, April 15, 2007

Charlotte's Web

OK, so some kid movies just have me in tears. There are certain ones I know better than to try to watch and I should have known better for this one too... but I sat and watched Charlotte's Web with my boys this afternoon... while they watched me... and bring me kleenex while I bawled like a baby. It was a sweet movie but it reminded me of why I've never read the book on my own. I vaguely remember having it read to my class in when I was in grade school and I do remember it upsetting me but forgot about Charlotte dying! I mean geez, I know better than to watch Bambi, Sounder, Where the red fern grows, and even The Fox and the Hound... but I'd forgotten about Charlotte. I remember now and won't be watching it again any time soon unless I just feel the need for a good cry. My poor boys don't know what to think! LOL!

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joanne huffman said...

crying at movies is a good thing - it means the movie speaks to you.