Monday, April 30, 2007

catchin' up...again

Well, last week was a very busy week. I got pretty worn down. Friday morning, I went out to Canaan in the desert prayer garden and stayed there a couple of hours. It was so peaceful. Just what my soul needed. I took a bunch of pictures and am sharing a few of my favorites with you.
The eggs were in a nest I photographed when I was there last time. I don't know what kind of bird builds these elaborate nests up in the cactus but nothing is safe from being built into the nest. There were bits of paper, string, plastic bags, popped balloon, etc. This MaMa bird is the ultimate recycler/ altered artist! This was the best shot I could get inside the nest because of all the cactus needles surrounding it! I just get giddy when I am able to capture something beautiful with a photo.
It got pretty hot that day so when I left around 11:30, I was not feeling so great, was very tired and hot. I came home and actually took a nap! Something I very, very rarely do. By that evening, I was feeling crummy. My allergies went wild and I spent Saturday and Sunday in my pajamas all day, laying around feeling yucky! I'm feeling a bit better today although I'm still coughing some and have been having to do breathing treatments every day. And, I'm taking sinus pills too. Yesterday, however, in between laying on the couch, napping in bed, etc.. I did come out to my studio and started going through some of my "piles" left in here. I'm sick to death of looking at stuff. When I left off on my major clean out, I had a couple of baskets of paper stuff to sort through and several small baskets of small things that are just a pain to sort through. I got through the paper yesterday and today, I'm going to work on the little things trying to organize them so I can have a completely clean table... and a clean, clutter free mind too!
I better get off here and see how much I can get done before school gets out. I can't believe there's only one more month of school! YIKES!

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Joanne Huffman said...

Angie, I sure hope you're feeling better. Your photos are lovely.