Friday, April 13, 2007

A Plan gone bad

Ok, so Tuesday at Bible Study, I came up with this "end of the year" (for our Bible study anyway... goes with the school year) idea. Most of us in my group have been together for 2 years now in the same class. We have learned so much and grown tremendously. I suggested that we all write out a brief testimony of what God has taught us over the past two years, how we've grown, etc... and then they could be compiled into a book. Simple idea, right? HA! Well, that's what I THOUGHT!!!! I get an idea in my head and I go... well, I thought it would be cool to use one of my photos taken on our silent prayer retreat of a statue. I took the photo of the hand reaching to the sky. I got them all printed out and cut. Then, using the verse Ps. 36:5 (Your love, O Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.) I printed those out and got them all cut out. I took both elements and put them on black cardstock. Sounds pretty simple and up to this point, it is. It gets hairy when my idea for making the book from fabric and vinyl takes over and heads south. OK, so I go to Walmart and find fabric that matches beautifully for only $2. a yard. Well, the books are going to be standard 8-1/2 x 11 so double that per book for front and back covers... in fabric AND vinyl. Lots of fabric and vinyl. OK, first problem that crept up was that I accidentally cut all the fabric to make the book open from the top instead of left side. OK, so I can work with this. Because of cost and the amount of vinyl purchased, I thought I'd save some money and get the thinnest vinyl.. I mean, what difference would it make, right? Oh my, it's awful! I mean, it must come direct from the pit of hell! Try working with something 60 inches wide that you can barely peel apart?! I got a piece but and went to sew it onto the first book. IT's so GROSS!!! Not only does it lose the affect I was going for, but it sews awful, looks awful... well, it's awful! NOT gonna' work! I'm not torturing myself making 18 books with this stuff! So, then I think I'll just make the covers from black cardstock, and since I already adhered the other elements to the fabric, I'll just cut around it and create a fabric frame that would then be stitched to black cardstock. However, a big downside is the amount of time and money wasted on extra fabric that I won't be using in this project. Anyway, I'm short ONE piece of cardstock! However, now that I feel it, I think my black cardstock just isn't a heavy enough weight anyway. So, now back to the drawing board and another trip to buy more stuff for the project! Thankfully, black cardstock is my major staple items that I can never seem to have enough of so I truly don't mind going to buy more... but I was just at the paper store today!!!! ARGHHHHH!!!! Like geez, maybe there's an invisible force trying to totally sabotage this book of testimony to God's incredible love and faithfulness to us? Huh? Ya' think? Well, I'm feelin' it. But I do not give up that easily. This book may end up looking like something totally different than I planned but it WILL be made!!! Anyway, I needed to vent my frustration.... if anyone is listening. It felt good to get it out regardless...

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joanne huffman said...

Angie, it's still agreat idea, despite all your trials and tribulations.