Saturday, April 14, 2007

stuff I'm working on

Today, I haven't done much other than try to repair, or rather, salvage what is left from the book covers I'm working on. (see previous post) I did print out some of my photos and made some sewn note cards. Also, my amazing artist friend DJ Pettitt, has been encouraging me and coaching me to finally try painting a face. I have been scared to even try but, I finally am trying it out. This is my first attempt in progress. She still needs quite a bit of work but I've been pleasantly surprised in the process. And I'm loving it! But boy, making a run to the art supply store for fluid acrylics left a giant hole in my pocket! However, there is just no substitute for Golden's products. The face painting really requires the fluid acrylics and I mostly use heavy body paints so I felt like I was starting from scratch! Oh, and let's not forget about the cost of brushes!!! Anyway, this face is painted on gessoed muslin and is only about 6x10. I'll keep you posted as I work on it! I'd really like to try doing one bigger... in time.


joanne huffman said...

Oh my goodness, Angie! I can't believe how busy and productive you've been. The flower photos are lovely. The painted face is great (isn't DJ the most encouraging teacher!?). The fabric finds are great - especially the Thai silk (covet, covet). The Easter pictures are adorable (beautiful mom, handsome sons) and I bet you were the best dressed mon on Easter service. Kayla's prayer quilt will be a treasure and gift of love and comfort for her.

Karen Owen said...

Angie, Are you sure this is your first portrait? You're off to a great start.


kathy mc said...

What a marvelous job. You are an wonderful artist. I think it looks great just as it is. You are full of artist talent.

dejavucreations said...

Angie, I think you may be right about the Golden fluid acrylics for painting faces. After returning home from the retreat with DJ, I attempted another face painting using the craft acrylics I had on hand and well .... it's not a pretty site. So glad you and DJ were able to get together for a few hours. She's such a great instructor and motivator. Looking forward to seeing your painting when it's complete.

jan, who is also coveting your handwoven Thai silk bargain