Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fabric finds

First, let me say that I hate shopping at Walmart and very rarely go there. But, this past week I went early in the morning and there was no crowd and Kenny G was playing! Hello!!! It was a nice experience! AND, as I was walking by the fabric section, my radar went up and look what I found at only $3.44 a yard! Don't you just want to taste it?

Now, this other STEAL was found at one of my favorite thrift stores all bundled up for $.50! I finally got around to opening it up and it's even more gorgeous all unrolled. AND, I discovered that there are about 4 yards of it and it's HANDWOVEN SILK FROM THAILAND!!!! Linda Thompson, thrift store queen extraordinaire, eat your heart out! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! Now I have to try not to just hoard it....

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