Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nightmare part 2

Well, if you read about the testimony books I'm making for my Women's Bible Study group a few days ago, that was part one. THIS is part 2. These books have been anything but simple even though they turned out looking simple! I finished them yesterday and not without many hitches! One of the sweet girls in my Bible study is totally caught up in her daughter's high school play production with a cast of 50! She's at the school until 11:00 or so every night so, instead of having computer access to e-mail me her thoughts, she wrote them down. Not just written in lines, but did a drawing and the writing is in swirls, etc. It's freakin' cool... and she thinks she's not creative! I don't get it. Anyway, she didn't think to leave me a binding margin so, I thought I'd just scan her page, adjust the size, and print. Well, my scanner wouldn't work! So, I go get copies made and come back home and start printing all the pages out. Now mind you, there are only 18 of us in the group...so I thought running off copies would be no big deal, right? HA! It took literally FOUR hours for everything to be checked for the binding margin, combining the shorter testimonies onto one page, and printing 18x18... FOUR hours! So, being to one to wait to the last minute to write my own testimony, I had already written some journal entries that I knew I'd just transfer to the computer, for the most part, and while I was printing was a good time to do it. Well, my keyboard freaked out while I was tryng to type! I would be typing and notice that only parts of words were there. When I'd hit keys, some of the letters weren't typing. It took a long time to get through typing and editing my page... only to realize that this "phenomenon" only happened while typing my testimony! The rest of the time, they keyboard works fine! Weird huh? So, got all the pages out and started assembling only to realize that now, it's to thick to feed through my sewing machine as planned! I was soooo discouraged, I can't even begin to tell you. And by this time, it was 1:30 and I had to pick up my kids by 2:00! I called a few places for an item I thought might be a solution only to find that I couldn't find it anywhere. So, I think I'm going to have to sew by hand but didn't have enough black waxed linen thread. So, I load up my kids and drive to the west side of town to get it. Thankfully, I thought to take a page with me. The lady that works there gave me a simpler solution with eyelets. I used my X-mas gift certificate from my mom and purchased a Crop-a-dile (LOVE it) and some cool eyelets and thread and ran back home to start on the binding. I had them all finished by about 6:00! I was so happy... and I'm equally happy with the outcome. Never have I had a project give me such difficulty but it's over now and I'll be giving them to the ladies today! So, here is the finished book. The vinyl is difficult to photograph and the slight golden reflection on the bottom left corner ofthe photo is not there but I think it's my red hair reflecting while I was bent over taking the photo! Anyway, you get the idea!


linda t said...

Oh my gosh Angie!
You are sooo amazing and talented and such a dear servant of God!
Love your art... but most of all, I love your heART!

artsyfran said...

LOVELY! I know you pulled your hair out over this, but I look forward to seeing the whole thing IRL! :) Great job. I'm sore they will be well-loved!

joyce said...

these books are so very beautiful that i think it was worth the trouble you took and the effort you put into them! your friends are so lucky -- i know these books will always be a reminder to them that the love god has for us can also be expressed through our friends.