Tuesday, May 1, 2007

It's still dark outside

My son woke me up at 4:00 needing more light on. Chuck had just come to bed! Why he didn't just get back up when he heard Sam instead of nudging me to go in and check on him, I don't know. If I get waken like this around this time of the morning, I just rarely can go back to sleep. Then, to top it off, my hubby has this weird thing with his legs that just twitch REALLY BAD when he's trying to go to sleep. Laying in bed with him like this is like being on a ride at an amusement park... without the amusement. I stayed in bed literally praying that God would make Chuck's guardian angel sit on him to make him be still so I could get back to sleep. Didn't happen. After a half hour of twitching and tossing torture, I got up. I walked into my studio, which faces west, and was met with the most amazing sight of the moon setting. I gasped out loud. It was so huge and yellow with a few clouds glowing around it. I ran outside in the dark trying to capture a photo but without a tripod on my digital camera, I just can't hold it still enough to get a good photo with the shutter speed slowed down for night shots. So, that didn't work. I was surprised at how quickly the moon dropped from the sky and disappeared. Had I stayed in bed 5 more minutes, I'd have missed it.

Sunday night, Chuck stopped by a friend's house and while inside, someone threw a rock through the window of his SUV and stole his NAV system and tried to get his laptop, but that was hooked into this traveling desk thingy that he has rigged up in there so they didn't get it probably cuz they couldn't figure out how to unhook it, thank God! We were both shocked because this friend lives in a very affluent neighborhood right on a golf course so you just don't expect drive by rock throwing and robbery to take place like that. You think that stuff only happens in bad neighborhoods or something. Anyway, The BMW dealership is so great giving him a car to use and hopefully, it can be repaired quickly. I think the insurance guy needed to go check it out though.... or something like that.

Last week, my Women's Bible study ended for the spring session but today starts a 6 week mini-class so I'll be going to that this morning. We always break for the summer and I usually feel like I'm walking in the desert during that time. However, planning to teach in the fall will keep me grounded in the Word and focused since I'll be doing lots of studying and planning the class.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day in my studio getting back to the last of my cleaning out and organizing of stuff. I had little baskets of little bitty stuff, embellishments, trinkets, etc... and also a 12 gal. bin full of assemblage items that needed to be organized. I got through almost all of it and will spend a little time today clearing off the table I was using to sort things. I also started labeling my drawers and storage boxes. AND, my fabric is more accessible. I have all my fabric in clear 12-gal. storage boxes and the 4 I'm into the most, are stored underneath my 8 ft. table. Well, it seemed to never fail that the one I needed to get into was on the bottom of the stack and then there's the dragging it out and opening lids. It was driving me nuts! So, I have them all flat out on the floor with the lids off so now I can just see what's in them and slide them out to dig! And my helpful hint for storing fabric is either folding or rolling it and standing it on end. Flat folded it's more like the fabric is "filed". Then you can see everthing you have at a glance. Anyway, I'm going to turn on a light now and see if I can finish up some clearing of the table before I have to go make lunches and get kids up for school! I'll post a picture when I'm completely finished!


Joanne Huffman said...

Angie, I'm glad you were compensated for your early morning wake up by a beautiful sight. I'm impressed that your studio is now so organized.

Karen Owen said...

Angie, What a wonderful sight that must have been! Does Chuck know about restless leg syndrome? They have medication for it. I'm always seeing commercials about it.