Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sam's book

Well, Sam and I finished his book! It is titled "The Bermuda Mystery". I think his teacher will love it! Here he is holding it. Didn't it turn out cute? If anyone is interested in reading the story, e-mail me @ and I'll send you the document. It is quite a story!
We decided to make bottle cap magnets for Max's teachers using drawings of his. I had him draw 3 different flowers with markers and then I scanned and sized them to fit. I have them all drying right now. They turned out really cute. At Max's preschool, he has 4 different teachers that work with him so teacher gifts can get costly. Especially when I buy for all of them at Christmas and the end of the year! I think it will be more special to have something that Max helped make. They will each get a set of 3 magnets in a cute tin. I think I'll try making some of my sewn photo cards tomorrow to go with all the gifts. Busy, busy....
I'll post pictures of Max's magnets when they are dry.


Joanne Huffman said...

the book looks wonderful and Sam looks like a proud author.

artsyfran said...

That is so awesome! Sam and Max are both so creative. I'm so glad that you did a lot of fun things with the kids. Miss you! Fran