Wednesday, May 2, 2007

It's clean! It's clean!

I finished cleaning out my studio yesterday! WOOOOOHOOOOO! Almost everything is labeled too but I did leave some drawers without for now because I'm still not sure if I'll leave things in the drawers the way they are right now. I may switch some things around. But for now, everything is put away!!!! I"m so excited. Now I REALLY want to get busy playing! Here are my pictures but please know that my studio is 100% for function. I see some studios that look like a gorgeous room in a magazines. And while I'd love that, I don't have that. It's strictly for function down to the recycled cat litter buckets for trash cans! LOL!

Both my boys are home from school with sore throats and yesterday, I found out the strep was going around in Max's class so I have to leave in a few minutes to take them both for throat cultures... there's another $50. down the tube... and I just had Max there less that week ago! Arghhhh... oh well, that's life.


Joanne Huffman said...

Order and room to work in...what could be more wonderful? It looks great, Angie. Enjoy it and make lots of art.

Lisa Gallup said...

I think your studio is GREAT!! I'd love to have a pink and ivory, fluffy little Parisian studio, but for now I have my own functional place, too. :)

linda t said...

Love it , love it!
I can hardly wait for my room to be done!
You have to come over... and then we could run over to the Paper Studio too!

Nona Parry said...

WOW! It really looks Great! Have fun playing!

Kris Henderson said...

Wow! Your studio rocks!! It makes me want to go clean mine up. Well....almost anyway! Love your attention to your pets needs! Studio pets are the best.

Maija said...

Wow! You have come a long way, Angie!!! Now, how long will it take you to mess it up?