Thursday, May 24, 2007

making a mess

Well, I'm working on a mess in my studio! And it feels great! I'm trying to play catch up on my Journal Quilts. I never did one for April and now May is almost over. I have an idea for May's page but it took a while for the April page to come clear enough in my head. In my JQ yahoo group, a theme, color, and technique are highlighted each month but are optional. I have ignored them thus far except that when the theme for April was weaving, I really wanted to work with that. However, my piece isn't really woven fabric, but paper. Part of it anyway. I've so far created a central piece that will be sewn into fabric. And gosh, the springboard was stopping in my local fabric store that just makes you want to crawl on the bolts, wrap yourself up, and stay there. My local Sew 'N Vac (yes, you read right) has the largest fabric selection in the state and it is right down the street from my house. And I mean EYE CANDY! They have an enormous selection of hand dyed and batik fabrics. And you should see the number of oriental themed fabrics! Very unusual and beautiful pieces. The section for just oriental fabrics is about the size of my studio! Anyway, I bought 9 delicious selections of 1/4 yards to use in my April JQ and then added in a golden yellow I had as well as a small piece of blue/black vintage kimono silk that I got from Katie Kendrick's online store
I'm anxious to get back to work on my piece. I'm suppose to go to Fran's today to mess up her studio but we may have to postpone due to tooth problems she is having. Getting to the dentist is more important than play time right now. If I go to her house, I'll take a different project. This fabric one would require too much work space. I spread way out when I sew! I actually set my ironing board up right next to my table with machine and raise it to the same heighth as my sewing table creating extra work space to my left... and then I just turn in my swivel chair to iron seams. However, I do have to get up if I need to use my cutting mat which is at a different table in the room. Anyway, maybe I'll have something to show later today....

On a different note... I went to the dermatologist on Monday. I'm suppose to go at least twice a year and I was a few months overdue... and had to have SEVEN biopsies done! I'm waiting for results now and will see if I have to go back in for some more removal. I also have pre-cancer on the bridge of my nose so we are trying a new topical medication to see if it will deal with the pre-cancer cells. I really, really don't want to be vain and not make an issue of things having to be removed from my face but it is hard. I know that my skin is just my shell and has nothing to do with who I really am but the truth is, I do care about having to be cut on my face. I've already had several basal cell skin cancer spots removed from my neck and a plastic surgeon removed those and did a nice job lining up the incisions with natural creases in my neckline but it's sorta' hard to do that on your face! I'm just not going to worry about it and take it as it comes. Only one biopsy had to be taken from my face just above my eyebrow so if I do have to go have more taken out, I think the incision would scar so close to my eyebrow it wouldn't be very noticable. Hey, maybe I could get a little eye lift in with the deal... oh wait, I'd be lopsided.... I'm not ready for that yet either! Don't know if I could do plastic surgery just for looks. I want to think I wouldn't even consider it but you never know. That's way down the road of possibilities too. Freckles keep me looking younger... they finally have a positive purpose.

Ok, I need to go get showered. It's almost time to get my kiddo's up for school. Less than a week of school left and then the real craziness begins!

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Joanne Huffman said...

Angie, it's nice to hear you're in the midst of a creative mess. I know it'll tidy up to beautiful art.