Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Being vulnerable

I just read on a friend's blog "I wish I could draw or paint watercolors like that"... she was talking about ME!!! Well, I am honored with the praise. But what I'd really like to do is encourage.... it never looks good when you are just starting to learn something that takes a ton of practice! Perseverance is the key! When I finally decided I wanted to learn to paint, I found out that there was a prerequisite of 2 semesters of drawing before I would be allowed to take the painting class... and with good reason! (but I weaseled my way out of the second semester :] ) I signed up for the drawing class and had not picked a pencil up in many years. THIS is the drawing from that class the first day of class! We were not permitted to throw our AWFUL drawings away as they would be reminders of how far we'd come by the end of the semester. I'm so glad I didn't throw it out but truthfully, few people have ever seen this hideous piece! But I have decided to show it so maybe it could be encouragement to someone who really wants to learn. There's always a starting point and it's usually ugly, as you can see... but if you stick with it, you will learn and soon, you will like what you see on the paper.

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Connie said...

actually angie, i think this is a pretty good drawing. let's be real here - God gave you amazing talent.