Friday, September 12, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

This week has been a whirlwind. For those of you that have been reading my blog for a while will remember that last year, I taught a weekly women's Bible study class with a basis of meditation using art as a response. I am teaching it again this year (our year goes from Sept.-April). I have two different women coming alongside me to facilitate this year. I'm very excited. My friend, Martha, will be leading in meditation exercises. Lori (different one from last year) will be focusing on journaling exercises. Lori is also an artist so she'll be of great help to me when I need help. Both of these women took the class with me last year. I will, of course, be leading the art expression part of the class. Last year, there were 16 of us. This year, we had to close sign ups at 25 due to lack of space. And with 25, we are PACKED! We actually get two rooms this year, one for our group time, and one will be strictly for our studio space. We are FULL! A lot of time has been spent this week figuring out table configurations, going through supplies and reorganizing, and meeting with Lori and Martha for some plans for the first few weeks. This coming Tuesday will be our first class day. We are all very excited. I've done quite a lot of supply shopping the past few days also. I truthfully, have hardly been home this week. I miss home.

Tomorrow, the 5th and 6th graders at my boy's school are having a fund raising pancake breakfast/yard sale so we will be going up there in the morning. They are raising money for a camping trip!

I'm trying so hard to get some class proposals ready by Oct. 1 for the possibility of teaching at Art Unraveled next year. It's a load of work so I need to really crank this coming week. I need to get some samples made up and finish writing up hand outs for the classes. The book class I'm proposing is the most difficult as I need to take photographs while making the sample in order to properly make my hand outs. I really need to get focused!

Well, I'm pretty beat. Think I'll head to bed early.


jackie said...

Best of luck on your Bible class, Angie - remember to take some time to rest and breathe.
I'm excited that you may teach at AU next year! Best wishes!

Healing Expressions said...

HI Angie...I wanted to thank you so much for stopping by my blog and sharing your sweet words of gratitude (especially the ones about the successful bra shopping trip hahaha)! May this week bring you peace and joy and creative blessings!

Take Good Care!

Lorri Scott said...


I know the feeling! I'm so glad your expression class is FULL! It sounds like a great class.

I am on the other side of children and fund raisers and school events but I remember them well. Lots of time and energy into all that so remember to take time for yourself and breathe!


Connie said...

Angie - your bible class always brings you such joy and contentment - awesome! The trip to Prescott looks like it was a wonderful slice of heaven! That would be so fabulous if you teach at Art and Soul - you are an excellent instructor! I am home now and can't believe how much catch up I have to do - I have missed out on so much....

Brandi & Burin said...

yea, i really should start measuring my belly i guess. kinda scary though! haha.. i think there is a chart in my baby book that i could log it down, actually. i haven't yet gained much weight, but i KNOW it's coming soon enough. we do plan to find out if the bean is a boy or a girl. we're both hoping for a girl, but kinda think it's a boy ;) either way, we'll be happy. i have been looking at baby bedding lately and have found some that i like, i'll have to send you a link to the one i may go with!