Monday, September 29, 2008

I did it!

Ok, I really did it! I submitted 3 classes to teach at Art Unraveled next August! I can't tell you how I was shaking and sorta' felt sick to my stomach sending those e-mails! I can't begin to tell you how many hours went into them either. Not only did I have to send in the class description and supply lists but I had to have samples made with photographs to submit as well as class handouts! Oh, and a bio too! But I did it! Now, the waiting game. The website doesn't go live until January with registration starting in Feb. so I could have a few months to wait! In the meantime, I'm breathing and also planning to put together some other classes to teach locally. Totally different classes though.

Last night, I had another of my bad headaches. I had both my boys rubbing my head. Max can really work knots out. Sam, well, let's just say he tries. Anyway, they were both rubbing my head, face, neck, etc.. and I'm laying there with my eyes closed listening to them. Max says, "Maybe you need some pickles to go on your eyes." I'm sorta' out of it with nothing registering until I hear Sam's reply, "Those aren't pickles, they're cucumbers!" Then I realized what they were talking about and I busted. They say some of the funniest things sometimes!

I ran into computer problems this morning that made me want to scream. I managed to get to church to set up for my class tomorrow morning. I still have some computer work to do. When my computer what whacking out, I went to use Chuck's. I tried to print so I can take my handouts to the church office to run copies and Chuck's printer wouldn't work. I just couldn't believe it. Now that I have my computer working normal again, I have to go e-mail myself everything I typed out on Chuck's computer so I can get it printed off. Now I have to get to the church early tomorrow morning.

Well, now I have to go help with the dreaded homework. Oh, how I still hate math!

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Maija said...

I'll cross my fingers for you! Your work is certainly good enough!!!