Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Long overdue

An update is seriously overdue. My computer died a few weeks ago and there was a problem with my warranty... which has now been resolved and I get to pick my computer up tomorrow complete with a new hard drive! It's super late for me so I'll go to bed now and do an update on my OWN computer in the next day or so! Thankfully, my boys have a computer so I can take a turn here and there to read e-mail but just haven't blogged. Sorry! I probably have like maybe, two readers left! Oh, and my boys got cameras for Christmas so now I can "borrow" a camera anytime and start posting pictures again! WooHooo! I'll be thrilled for my own some day but heck, just having access in the house floats my boat! A trip to the gardens is in order! Ok, gotta' get to bed... made an early morning mountain hike date with a friend!


Maija said...

Happy New Year Angie!!

Joanne Huffman said...

Hope you are now enjoying the thrill of your own computer; glad the warranty thing was solved.