Sunday, January 24, 2010

What have I been doing?

Well, I just finished a painting! I was commissioned to do this piece. It's 10x16. The style was specified as well as the subject matter. Kind of a new look for me... all the sketchy pen work. Fun though! It will be shipped later this week.

This is a fabric composition notebook cover special ordered by a friend.
This has been some of my latest entertainment. Putting bread crumbs out for the pigeons so my cats could be entertained! It's so fun watching them stalking.
And isn't this the sweetest thing? Marvin and Max sleeping together all snuggled under their blankets! Too cute!

My boys spent the night with their dad last night and I got a long phone catch up with my friend, Karen, in Colorado. (Her blog seriously needs to be updated with a recent post! Must nag her a bit...) I was up so late though that I needed a long nap today! LOL! The boys came home early so I really didn't get anything done today since church took up the morning. Oh well..

Some excitement here Friday... Sam took a dive over the handle bars of his scooter and got pretty bruised up and busted part of one of his permanent front teeth off. We were able to get in to have it repaired yesterday and am thankful that it wasn't worse!

Oh, and some good news! I have four classes on the books to teach at
The Creative Quest in downtown Glendale! So if you have been wanting to take one of my classes, now is your chance! Here's the line up:
Monday, Feb. 22 from 10-1
Beyond the bag: create a small book using grocery store bags! For this class, a sewing machine is required. Everything else is provided! This is a great "go green" projects. We will be making a small book but the technique can be adapted for a larger book. The color comes from alcohol inks! Very cool, huh?

Sunday, March 14 from 10-5
"Show of Hands" book: This book is created completely from your own hand! You will collage the cover, use watercolor paper and paint the inside pages (or use your own papers if you choose) and bind them together with a hinged binding. This is a great book for a gift! You can personalize it in so many ways.

Monday, Mar. 22 from 10-1
Watercolor on canvas: Yes, that's right.. on canvas! No need for framing! You will learn to do watercolor painting on stretched canvas. We'll be doing small pieces so we can finish in the time allotment. We will also be detailing with pen/ink. The painting techniques are a bit different on canvas than paper. Canvas is very forgiving with watercolor! Come try it out!

Saturday, May 15 from 10-5
"One Page at a Time": This is the book with my original binding technique I taught at Art Unraveled last August. This binding technique allows you to add pages in one at a time so you can do artwork outside of the book and add them in later or you can add in postcards from a swap or any other type pages. Pages can be paper or fabric. This technique also works well for art journaling because it opens and lies flat to work. Great for watercolor journaling! This was a very successful class at Art Unraveled and I'm excited to teach it again!

I hope many of you locals can join me for an upcoming class!


Wabbit said...

Wow, great super-post with LOTS of content. I wish I could take the bag bag class but I'll be at Art & Soul in Vegas. If I'm very good and very lucky, I might finally be able to take One Page at a Time. I was so bummed to miss it at AU last year. I know that Reva loved it.

Joanne Huffman said...

Great looking classes!

susanna said...

Wow - you've been busy creating! And you are offering so many interesting classes. I especially like the book made with recycled plastic bags. I had never heard of that before. What a terrific idea.

Maija said...

I'm happy for you that you are teaching!

HereBeDragons said...

I wish I lived closer. I'd love to attend these classes!

Hege-Annie Simonsen said...

Love your creativity! :)