Tuesday, June 1, 2010

cleaning binge

Well, today I was on a cleaning binge. It wasn't what I decided to do today but it just turned out that way... and I'm so glad! I got a lot done! And I have TWO clean art tables! Yes folks, both of my art tables are ready to get messed up again! :) I haven't seen the tops of these tables for MONTHS!

Max started his summer school program today. He was invited to a special class for mostly gifted kids for science and spanish. He had a great day and was speaking spanish phrases to me when I picked him up today! Without Sam having someone to fight with, it was a pretty peaceful morning!

On a bad note, this is not the time of year you want your air conditioning to go out in your apartment! It was over 100 today. In the morning, because of a breeze, I could have the doors and windows open with just ceiling fans on and it was comfortable. But as the day went on, I turned the air on and it just wasn't doing anything. When it hit about 90 in the house, I realized there was a problem. A repairman got here at 4:30 and spent almost 2 hours here. Apparently, from the sound of it, the a/c on my apartment hasn't had any sort of maintenance in a coon's age. He said the coils were so clogged up with dirt... it took him almost the whole two hours just cleaning them. BUT, he said he'll be back in the morning with a new compressor. That's the main problem. However, cleaning the coils did at least get some cool air back in here. It's comfortable now. I'm glad to get it fixed so quickly as it's suppose to reach 107 by Saturday. UGH! Summer is here, that's for sure. So far though, the heat hasn't been that bad. I didn't turn on my a/c until last week, I think. And I don't run it all day. Early mornings and evenings are very pleasant outside.

The boys went to a friend's house swimming today. Max showed me how he was doing diving off the diving board. That kid is a natural diver. He amazes me. He dives beautifully. Swimming in the afternoon or evening sure makes them go to sleep better at night!

Well, I'm pretty pooped out with all my cleaning today. Gonna' hit the sack.

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Joanne Huffman said...

Sounds like a great day. Frankly, there isn't a horizontal surface in my house that doesn't have something on it.