Thursday, December 30, 2010

sick, sick, sick...

Well, we'll get to have the cats for maybe another week because the new owner came down sick this morning and could not make the trip. And, I'm sick. Haven't been sick like this in, well... I can't remember the last time. I knew my allergies were flaring on Monday. I've been hoarse but this morning, I woke completely congested way up in my head so now I am hoarse AND sound like I'm talking in a barrel. This evening, I had some trouble breathing and wheezing so I just did a breathing treatment and wow, a miracle in those things. I can now breath with my lungs but my poor head is so stuffed up. I realized that this has been a pattern for me on New Years almost every year my entire adult life. Only a few years have I not been sick for New Years. Maybe I have just been overdoing things every single year! Ya' think? I get my resistance down, my immune system gets compromised, and then I get sick. I'm doing everything I can think of to get well. My medications, lots of vitamins, water, gallons of hot tea, hot showers, more vitamins, etc... feels like this time I will have several days of recovery. I'm very thankful for the timing when I wasn't scheduled for work and I'm not having to take kids back and forth to school. The boys go to their dad's for the night tomorrow so I won't have anyone to take care of except me. I just really want to get well by the end of the weekend. Ya'll pray for me, will ya'?

And to everyone out there, Happy New Year!


linda t said...

Get well Angie! No more late night crafting! You need your rest.
Hey I wanted to answer your question about the TOMS.
Miranda knew I wanted the burlap TOMS, so she got me the mens size 7 TOMS, because I too, have wide feet.
And I normally wear 8-8 1/2.
They are THE most comfortable shoes!! Great arch support and so soft... so you don't need to wear them with socks. AND just knowing a child in need gets a pair when we buy a pair makes it extra special.
Btw, the red pair that Miranda is wearing is no longer available.
Miranda bought Nicole the canvas pair at Last Chance for $20.00... they are made for artist to dye or design. In fact in CA there are art shows just for TOMS designers. I can only imagine what you could do with a pair of canvas TOMS!!

Lynn Stevens said...

So sorry to hear your sick, Have you ever tried a netti pot? It works like magic, Especially if you get to it right away.
Right before Christmas I started getting really conjested and had a sore throat. I started gargling with Listrene and used my Netti pot and I was perfectly healthy the next day. Hope you fell better soon!