Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A morning walk

Yesterday morning, I was feeling anxious and stressed. My friend with whom I usually hike, was unable to go as she got sick so, I decided to walk my neighborhood instead, with camera in hand. I have always said Autumn was my favorite time of year because the leaves turn my favorite colors however, there really isn't much of an Autumn in Phoenix. But we do have Spring! It is my favorite Phoenician season. Here are a few glimpses into my neighborhood.

First of all, I have to get past this:
My cats perch at the door every morning enjoying the fresh air. While Kenzy races to the kitchen for canned food as soon as my feet hit the floor, Bob racing to the door and meows at me. Because it's been so nice out, if I'm home, the doors are open so this is the usual scene at my front door. Got this shot of Marvin from overhead. I love how he lays with his front paws stretched way out and crossed! He looks so proper! This poor guy is going to be my bank drainer as he has autoimmune issues. We went back to the vet again yesterday. UGH! But we love him so!
This was my first shot out the door!

The following two photos are cut rocks in a yard. Aren't they amazing?

And on to the sure signs of spring in the Sonoran Desert!

This photo below is my favorite. I MUST get one of these cacti... have to find out what kind it is. The flowers are just exquisite!

And yes, in the midst of my neighborhood are several HUGE, old pecan trees! Quite a mix going on around here! Unfortunately, the photos of the chickens didn't turn out well. Maybe next time!


kathy mc said...

Beautiful photo's Angie. I bet your walk was a pleasant one. Love the cats at the front door. Just like mine every morning.

Joanne Huffman said...

great photos - there isn't all that much spring in southwestern Michigan now (although there IS an inordinate amount of pollen).