Friday, April 8, 2011

Painting progress

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After much debate and many opinions from friends on Facebook, I have finally made the decision about the color for the jacket in my painting. Initially, I wanted it to be red. However, when I put a glaze of color down, I knew immediately that it was all wrong. I ended up combining a couple of "FB opinions" and feel that the jacket is exactly the color it is suppose to be. Hearing the views of other people after explaining the emotional feel I was going for with the painting really helped. When I shared this, one friend gave her response as feeling invisible when in this emotional state. I felt that to be profound and feel I captured that in the painting thus far as the jacket somewhat blends in to the wall but not quite. Anyway, I still have to add some highlight once I pull in my bigger light source, although I have added some already, but it's mostly done. Next, on to the jeans... or should I do that shoes next.... ??????? I think the jeans. Yes, definitely the jeans... the painting looks really weird with the white area left! Eek!

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Joanne Huffman said...

Great choice on the jacket.