Sunday, July 10, 2011


I just received my copy of Pasticcio Zine, created quarterly by Angela Cartwright (yes, the actress! And now amazing photographer and artist!) and Sarah Fishburn (awesome artist in her own right!). My painting titled "Lucas" was chosen for publication for this issue! In real life, this 16x20 canvas is very textured. Most of the painting was actually done with a palette knife. This is my second time being published in this Zine. Very cool. Only thing I noticed was a typo. Actually, it would make sense how it's listed but it's incorrect. When I set up my blog, there was a typo in the blog address. Artvisionz was never intended to be Arttvisionz... two 't's... but once it was in there, I couldn't figure out how to edit. So, the double 't' stuck for my blog address. However, all my other stuff is Artvisionz with a single 't'. So, when my info got published, I think there was an assumption that the typo was on my end so they corrected it. Only now, if anyone is trying to locate me through my blog with the 'correction', they will get a dead link. Total bummer. I need to clarify that in the future with all publications. Regardless, I'm honored my piece was accepted! You can purchase your own copy of this zine on