Saturday, June 30, 2007

Catching up on over due work

OK, so this project isn't as over due as the last AB, this one is only a year over due! YIKES! Scarry... the poor recipient had forgotten about my owing her work in the last Round Robin I participated in! Thankfully, last July when I was to work in her book and we were going to be out of town the whole month, I discovered that she had her "book" more of a box of mini books she had made for each participant. So I just took out my mini-book and sent the whole box on to the next person with the intention of doing my work upon my return. However, that obviously didn't happen and I just recently rediscovered my mini book while cleaning out my studio. Well, today, I did it! It is completely finished and I"m so happy to have it done! Angela's theme was "your Muse: what inspires you" kind of thing and it threw me so bad because I just don't really get the whole muse thing. So, today, I decided to just go with the flow and work more intuitively, so that's what I did. I just used images that I love, colors I love, and there's nothing that inspires me more than the One who created me and knows me better than no other... Jesus. And creation inspires me... so I created. The little book is about 4x6 in size. Here's my stuff:

This is the cover. There are a few layers here and the photo doesn't capture them well at all. The over itself is a swatch of upholstery fabric. Then, hot pressed watercolor paper is adhered to it. Next, I have layers some Bible text, then a vintage image of Jesus's face printed on vellum, then, a transparency of a woman's face. I stitched all of this onto the watercolor paper with french knots. The image of Jesus is subtle but looks very cool IRL the way the two faces mesh together. The word reads "Thine".
The left side of the spread contains my favorite scripture passage: Jeremiah 28: 11-14. The right hand side is layered with hymn text, Bible text, glazes, a transfer of a church from a photo I took in Oceanside last summer. And then, the transfer of the woman's face. I was sooo disappointed that the transfer didn't turn out well. However, given that I haven't done transfers in, uh... well, I can't remember the last time, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. All of the backgroud text refers to seeking God and "seeing" so the gold text reads: I will lift up mine eyes.
These pages are layered in foreign Bible text, English Bible text, hymn text, layers of glazes, rubberstamped images, used tea bags, and then transfers. I was thrilled over the transfer on the right side. It turned out really well. There is also a cross charm on that page. All the gold text reads: (left) tender mercies, cherished (right) Hope, His beloved.
This last page is layered similar to the others. I used the actual image in this piece and the gold text reads: He who has God finds he lacks nothing: God alone suffices.
On the right, I just journaled my thoughts about the spreads. I hope Angela will be pleased.


Joanne Huffman said...

Of course Angela will be pleased. This is absolutely beautiful and full of love and faith. You did a wonderful job.

Susan Lenz said...

Your little "Book of Prayers" is a tremendous piece. I especially like the fact that you used foriegn text. There is something quite powerful about different words with the same I also scrolled down to see your prayer pillows. I've never heard of them but think the idea is beautiful. No wonder making them is calming. I might give it a go too...only I'll put a personal spin on it...verses from the Koran and the Bible and notes hoping for peace. Reading your blog this morning reminds me of why touching others over the Internet is so important: Today I got to see your work! Thank you. Thank you for sharing. By the way, I found your blog through the AB Yahoo case you wanted to know!