Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Socks for Japan

Yes, you read that right. Socks! Seems so insignificant in the broad scope of needs in Japan in the wake of such disaster to a country, yet, it is a big deal. I just recently found out about this project. It's a small way to participate in helping in a tangible way. Check out the website HERE
for details. (I do not know why that entire thing looks like a link. The word 'here' will take you to website. Sorry!) This link takes you to the direct page with details. However, if you click the "home" icon at the top, it will take you to the main page where Jason tells, in detail, about their latest sock drop and it's so moving. You get to read, first hand, how much something so seemingly insignificant is far from that.

If you are stateside, Michelle, is putting together a box and has offered to include donations in those she is sending but you need to let her know! There is also need for donations for shipping costs as they are not cheap! I could not do a better job with details than Michelle did on her blog so please go check it out! I will be sock shopping to send socks along with Michelle's box and I want to encourage everyone to participate!

My heart has just been so broken over the devastation to this country that is so dear to my heart. Some of my best childhood memories were from my time living on Okinawa.

On a different note, I got a lot done last week in my clean out/ organizing efforts yet still have so much to do. It will be a process. But, I made great progress in my kitchen and kids rooms. This week, back to reality.

On Sunday, because I love my boys, I spent hours at a Pokemon convention. Uh, yeah. Ok, so I had happy kids, one in particular. Sam was in heaven. From there, we went to Arizona Cityfest where lots of stuff was happening. Many Christian bands, Luis Palau shared Jesus, and we enjoyed a great show of extreme sports. The BMX bikers were amazing! Here are a few pictures I took of the bikers and skaters.

Crazy boys!

This biker was beautiful to photograph. I took several of him but here are just a couple.

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