Saturday, February 3, 2007

My computer collection

OK, yesterday I witnessed just how much this can freak a person out but, for me... well, I love my little collection that sits on top of my computer. Yes, I have a small collection of dead insects. My poor friend Becky nearly bolted for the door when she noticed them and found out they were, indeed, real. Poor thing. Artist's usually "get" each other but I think Becky thinks I'm a little weird. But that's ok! I LOVE my insects! :) Every time I look at the intricate details that God put into these little creatures; these things that have a very short life span and that most people find bothersome and want to kill, I think if God saw purpose in taking so much care creating THEM, how much more purpose in creating ME! When I see these insects, I feel loved by God and feel the weight of my value to Him. And by the way, these were all found dead already and yes, I did pick them up myself. Poor Becky, she got really spooked and grossed out yesterday! LOL!


Anonymous said...

I love your bugs Angie.

Christy said...

I Totally relate! People think I'm weird,an alien,or some such thing. I too "collect" things like dead insects,skulls,bones,etc. to use in mixed media or as models to draw from. I also have kept exotic pets like snakes,scorpions and tarantulas( I like these creatures!)