Friday, February 2, 2007

Problem solved

OK, so I came up with a solution to the problem of gummy needles due to the Ultra hold fusible web, which I don't plan to use again but, in case I ever deal with a gummed up needle, this is the solution! I was thrilled to figure this out! I took a small amount of mineral oil on a q-tip and wiped the needle down. It worked like a charm! Here is a photo of the back side of my journal quilt. You can see the bottom stitching how messed up it is and also skipped stitches, etc... Then, about half way and up to the top, you can see how drastically different the stitches are. This is where I came up with the idea for oiling the needle! Cool, huh? I worked on my quilt more today and am doing the binding now. I have come up with a new wayI plan to do my binding for the future of adding this to a book. I did a very small prototype to see if my idea would work and it did so, I'll be trying it out and don't even ask me to explain it. I actually tried to write myself future instructions and couldn't do it. I'll just keep my little prototype handy! Anyway, I'm almost ready to post my completed January journal quilt. Now it's already Feb. and it's a short month! I have NO clue what the theme will be for this months quilt.

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