Saturday, June 16, 2007


Well, this morning, I picked up my new journal and realized I was going to get really frustrated using it because any pressure on the cover at all caused the "cool clasp" to pop open with the book spilling open. So, I thought maybe a pair of pliars would do the trick to tighten the clasp. Wrong.... it broke it! So, another idea was to stitch a piece of twill tape and velcro to slip throught the front part of the clasp. But that won't work because of the thickness of the velcro. So, I just took off the back part of the clasp with twill tape and am now going to the kitchen sink to dye up another longer piece of twill to match and will then sew it on to loop through the front clasp and tie. Not my first choice since a tie is not as clean of a look as what I'd planned but sometimes you have to change plans. And I just want this journal done because I want to take it with me when I go out of town on Monday! To the sink I go....

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