Saturday, June 9, 2007

Disposable Art

I know, I know... you are wondering what the heck is disposable art, right? Well, it's art done on pieces of cardboard and put out on the street for the taking, basically. A friend of mine from church, Steve, does a ton of work with people on the streets. Homeless, prostitutes, drug addicts, etc.... and he goes out to minister to them and be "Jesus with skin on" to them. He came up with the idea of doing inspirational type pieces of art on cardboard that could be put out there for these people to take. The pieces have the message of Jesus love for them in some way. Some pieces are simply scripture verses, some are simple drawings, some collage, some are pieces of art and scripture or just words/thoughts, etc... Anyway, Steve has a friend going to Soho in London and asked Steve if he could get together some Disposable art pieces to be taken and distributed there. Here are 7 pieces I did. I think a couple of mine are going to Honduras though, instead of London. These pieces are all knock-off's of other pieces I've already done in one way or another which made them pretty quick to do. I did try a couple of new things with two of these. The piece that looks like a prison has a piece of the cardboard cut out for a window and I painted skewers and then glued them into the corregated part of the cardboard creating the prison bars. That turned out kinda' cool. And then, on the Sparrow piece, the tree branch was done by gluing a scrunched up piece of tissue paper down into the shape and then adding glazed to it. I love how that turned out and plan to use this technique again in the future.


Joanne Huffman said...

Angie, I love these pieces and the idea of bringing art and a comforting message to those who most need it. It's a beautiful evangelical act.

Karen Campbell said...

These look awesome, Angie! And what a cool concept!

Meinhild Selbach said...

Hi Angie,
i got here through Everyday Matters. Just got accepted to the group yesterday.
I really like your work. The other fact I like is that you are a Christian.
I am living in France where I work as a missionary. Drawing and painting is pretty new in my life.
Feel free to visit my blog:

Melisa said...

This is such a fantastic idea! The art itself is plenty cool, too.