Friday, June 29, 2007

more fiber art

Well, after cleaning up my mess from working on Karen's book (part of my plan to keep my studio somewhat functional) I decided to make some beaded prayer pillows. I heard about them on a yahoo group and then did some research on the web. I love the idea of them. The "rule" is that they can be any small size/shape and must contain a small paper on which a prayer is written and must contain at least one bead. Did you know the word "bead" actually means prayer? Isn't that cool?! Anyway, here are 3 I did this afternoon. I swear I did not choose a color scheme... it just turned out that way! The green and tube pillows are made from more of the vintage kimono fabric. I love these two pieces. I'm hoping Katie will be bringing some to sell at Art Unraveled! The one with the woman's face is from a polyester man's shirt I snatched from Goodwill! I went right to work cutting that baby up! Isn't it wonderful? The images on the shirt are fantastic!


artsyfran said...

These are awesome! I hope I get to see these IRL! :)

Karen Owen said...


These are amazing! I didn't know bead meant prayer either, but with a rosary containing beads, I guess that makes sense. Beautiful work!

Karen O!