Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Art Unraveled

Art Unraveled is well underway and has been great! On Monday, I took a class with Bev Brazelton called "Journaling with watercolor/ink". I enjoyed the class and got to really find out what can be done with hot press watercolor paper. I've always used cold press so this was fun to play with. It is used for a totally different application.

Today, I took my first class with Katie Kendrick and it has been one of my most favorite classes I've ever taken. First of all, I just LOVE Katie. but the class was amazing. It took me out of my comfort zone but not to a place of fear or just being lost and uncomfortable. We learned to do intuitive face painting using sketches done with our non-dominant hand. I finished two pieces in class and am happy with them both. I really, really loved working on these. It was so interesting to see how drastically different everyone's pieces came out. Here are my two. The one with the trail of falling leaves, I think needs the words "She listened with her whole heart" added on down toward the bottom of the canvas. The words kept coming to me while I was painting her face. I'll see about adding those soon. I love the red on the head scarf of the other one. I tried to keep the original sketches exactly as they were drawn with my left hand in about 5 seconds each! WE did several on phone book pages and then collaged them on to the canvas. The trailing leaves piece is the face I have now printed out onto fabric and will be using this face for my folk art doll class tomorrow. I"m excited to have my own doll with one of my own faces on it! It will be fun to see how she changes.

I also made a little moo card holder for my sweet friend, Maija. For those of you who don't know, moo cards are like mini-business cards and the latest craze amongst artists.

You can see the holder with the card by it to show what the cards look like. This one is a card from Theresa Hall of Tucson, who does totally cool fiber art. There's also the back side of the holder as well as the card tucked into the holder. I like how it turned out.

Well, I can barely keep my eyes open and tomorro will be my most brain and eye draining day although much fun! Gotta' catch some z's.


Joanne Huffman said...

Love what you did in your Katie Kendricks class. Get some sleep so you can have more fun.

artbeth67 said...

Very cool stuff, Angie! Hope you are having a BLAST!!! Maija is such a sweetie, isn't she? ENJOY!!!

Beth M:)

Karen Campbell said...

Oh Angie ... these faces look terrific! They have great personalities ... I really love the 2nd one with one big eye and one little one!

kathy mc said...

Love your faces Angie. You are such a good artist. The moo card holder is very neat. Get some rest and have lots of fun at AU.

shirleymcc said...

Your doll faces are wonderful!!!! what a great class and it sounds like you all are having a wonderful time.
I was wondering when someone would come up with a moo card holder.
have fun!

Lorri Scott said...


The paintings are amazing, especially using the process that you did. I've heard a lot of good things about Katie as a teacher and your testimony says the same. Great job, very cool!


Karen Owen said...

Angie, Love your paintings!


Judy said...

Looking great angie -if you bump into michael, give him a kiss for me!!!

Paulette said...

Oh I love what you made in Katie's class!! I'm taking that class with her at Art & Soul here in Portland in October. I just love Katie too (met her for the first time at Artfest this year)...such a sweetie...and I know her class is just gonna rock! :D

Maija said...

Your faces turned out wonderful, Angie! I'm still working on the finishing touches. I adore my moo card holder. It's so practical and pretty! Thanks for making it!

Judy Wise said...

Yes, the faces are wonderful and I can't wait to see them on dolls. Glad you had a wonderful time.

And I know what you mean about katie and her teaching ability. Watching her work helped me open the channel of my own intuition. Now my work is much more open and exciting.