Monday, December 10, 2007

More art

Thanks to everyone for their help with my blogger problem. I'm now writing in the "compose" window and will see how the pictures upload!

I have been working on a project most of the week. Assemblage pieces really test my patience with drying time but I have finally finished this piece. It is a gift to be taken to my Leadership Women's Bible Study brunch tomorrow morning. We were each asked to bring a token of some kind that represents something God is teaching us this year in Bible Study. Of course, I can't go buy something! It must be handmade! So, this assemblage formed. It is dimensional and very difficult to photograph due to glass and the mirror in the piece so I had to photograph it at angles. Here they are:

I know the angles are weird but it was the only way to show the depth of the piece. I almost pulled out my hair with the mosaic of beach glass on the outside. I've never done mosaic before and once I got it done, I didn't like the color of the grout so I painted it a metallic silver, which I really didn't like either. My original intent was black grout but then I thought it may make the entire piece too dark overall. So, I finally compromised with my original plan and had to repaint the grout AGAIN using black glaze. It gave a very similar look to the patina on the soldered area so I'm pleased with the outcome now. I don't yet know the recipient of this piece. This is my first year in Bible Study leadership so I am not sure how this exchange goes. I'm looking forward to the morning though.

In one of my yahoo groups, a link was posted to a Sulky thread site that gave instructions for the cutest little cell phone size bags made of a men's necktie. I knew I had to try one since I have an enourmous stash of silk ties. I made this one for my neice that will be sent with Christmas money tucked inside.

I got several gifts wrapped today too and this little purse is the only one left to wrap and package before heading to the post office to mail all my out-of-town gifts.

I'm having a lot of fun gathering things to put together gift bags for the homeless. I finally found white gift bags at The Dollar Tree so Sam is in charge of decorating them. So far, my favorite is Santa on a motorcycle wearing dark sunglasses and the sentiment is "Have a Cool Holiday"! Isn't that funny? Only Sam.... Once he finished the bags, I'll be able to unload a boatload of stuff from my car and then the boys will be put to work helping pack the bags. Then, I'll be driving them around looking for homeless people on the street to pass out the gift bags. I want the boys to experience giving on a different level instead of the constant "me, me, me" attitude that makes me want to hit things.

Well, a pile of clean laundry is calling me... gotta' go fold before bed.


Joanne Huffman said...

Your piece for the art swap is lovely and the dragonfly tie purse is very cool.


Mary S Hunt said...

this mosaic edged piece
and I don't just say that lightly.

Karen Campbell said...

Your assembage piece turned out terrific, Angie -- wonderful texture!

Karen Owen said...

Your box is beautiful. You used one of my favorite hymns!


kathy mc said...

Your assemblage piece is wonderful. I would love to see it in real life.
What a wonderful lesson for your boys. You are always so generous with your time and love for others.

Sherry Goshon ODACA said...

I love all of your work awesome

Anonymous said...

Your work is amazing!

brenda bliss said...

Your gift for the exchange is incredible!!! And your tie-bag---do you think you could share the instructions--it looks like Fun!!!!
Brenda Bliss

Dixie said...

i just wanted to leave a little note and tell you how beautiful your piece is.

keep up the amazing work.


Serena said...

Lovely job, Angie ~ :)