Monday, December 31, 2007

Trying again

Hey, it worked this time!  Here's me and my Max man.  He was so excited to give me this big CZ necklace that he was jumping out of his skin saying,"you're gonna' faint when you see it."!!!  He's so funny.  Gosh, he looks so much like my hubby when he was a boy... except Max has my hazel eyes instead of blue.  I should find a childhood photo of Chuck and put them side by side for ya'll to see.  It's shocking, I tell ya'!
Hey, look, I got another one to load!  :)  This is both boys in their new bathrobes from Grandma!  They didn't know what they were when they opened them!  LOL!  However, they are now really into wearing them.  So much so that Max, little character that he is, has discovered that if he puts it on when his skin is still damp, the lint sticks to his body so, he now wants to intentionally wear lint "chest hair".  I'm not kidding.  Sam saw him with black lint all over his chest and told him he looked like he was going through puberty.  I looked at Sam, puzzled, and asked if he knew what puberty meant... keep in mind that he's 8.  He said, "I think it's when you go to see the Statue of Liberty and pee"!!!!  I almost fell out in the floor laughing.  Now how did he ever come up with THAT?  LOL!  Yesterday, while getting ready for church, Max wanted me to give him 'chest hair' for church.  When I told him it wouldn't stick once he put his clothes on, he wanted me to tape it onto his chest!  He's only 6 and he wants chest hair!


Joanne Huffman said...

Sorry for your frustrations, but the photos are great. I hope you start enjoying your Mac.


Karen Owen said...

You boys are too funny - and cute!


Maija said...

I can only imagine Max's delight when you opened his gift to you!
I'm glad your darling little boys enjoyed their holiday - they sure are funny!
I wish you all the best for the new year!

linda t said...

Tooo cute... tooo funny!
Darling pics Angie!