Thursday, January 31, 2008

Last Chance for Bernie

OK, so now I'm begging.  I have followed Bernie Berlin's rescue efforts for a few years now and have been astonished at her efforts to save these unwanted animals.  Now, she finally has a chance at getting the money to build a shelter that she has waited years for and today is the final day of the contest. I think it ends at noon or there about in this neck of the woods.  So, now I'm begging.  PLEASE, if you have not yet participated in this contest by giving at least the $10. minimum for your donation to count in the contest, please follow the badge at your right and go do it!  Bernie was in second place two days ago and now is in 4th.   Overnight, a competitor for the prize money has by-passed the top 4 slots to go into first place.  Bernie is a mere 120 donations behind them.  For her to win this $50,000, it's now or never.

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