Friday, March 28, 2008

Finally some art time!

There just can't possibly be a drug that is better than having art time!  This has been a crazy, busy week of catch up after getting the boys back in school from spring break!  I finally got to do some art today!  I created a piece for Collage Mania hosted by Virginia Speigel to raise money for cancer research.  Read more about it here:
The preview for the collage pieces starts April 28 and the auction for the fundraiser is May 5 and 6,  so head over and see what it's all about!  I donated fiber postcards to Fiberart for a Cause last year with Virginia.  This year, it's a collage which I finally did today and just in time cuz I have to go get boys in about 45 minutes!  
I created in my Asian theme again... such a love of mine.  This piece is dimensional.  The foundation of the piece is an 8x10 canvas board with vintage asian text collaged with used red tea bags and then hit with some acrylics.  I then added the two bamboo pieces.  The mini-collages were done on mat board with TLS fused pieces of fabric, paper, and leaves on wallpaper.  Once these were collaged to the mat board, I added sheer fabrics and embellished with the asian coins and embroidery floss.  They were then glued onto the bamboo strips.  I love this piece, especially the colors... all my most favorites!  I titled the piece "Asian Fall".
Tomorrow, Fran and I are attending the Phoenix Sketchcrawl being held at the Desert Botanical Gardens!  I'm so excited!  I haven't seen Fran this week... actually, it's been almost 2 weeks and feels like a year!  It looks like we'll have really nice weather so what can be better than spending the day with your best friend, outside on a gorgeous day, sketching, at a garden!?!


HeArt Collective said...

Beauty filled piece, Lady!
I love the Asian theme and the way that you aged everything... I'm believing the story...
Thanks for sharing yourself with us!

Amy Rozeboom said...

That's beautiful! The depth and colors are wonderful.

Joanne Huffman said...

Great collage, Angie. It's got movement and depth and absolutely beautiful colors. The sketch crawl sounds intriguing ~ have a great time.


Maija said...

Wow, Angie! This piece is extraordinary! I adore the colors!

Anonymous said...

This is really beautiful. I'm always amazed at collage art.

Val Foster said...

This is an amazingly beautiful piece. I was drawn to it immediately, the first time I saw it in CPS ArtFest. (I'll be surprised if you don't win this week!)

I love the Asian theme and the colors and the collage work. I have a question. On the background, is that real rust, or is it paint, or something else. It sure looks like real rust, and I'm a nut about anything rusted.

Thanks for sharing, this piece is certainly worth a visit to your blog. And I'm glad you had fun yesterday. What a perfect day you had with your best friend!

Kelly Snelling said...

this piece is utterly scrumptious!

Debbi Baker said...

This is an amzing piece - so much depth! Just gorgeous.