Saturday, March 8, 2008

What a week!

This was such a busy week!  Besides stuff for school with the boys, Bible study, and keeping up with home, I have spent numerous hours still working on my big painting.  It is almost finished.  This coming Friday is my deadline so the next couple of days I will be crankin' to finish.  I'm bringing it home with me from the church tomorrow and taking it to Fran's Monday to work on it.  She has a big easel for me to use.  The hands have been the thorn in my side so they still need some work.  Dealing with them yesterday for hours had me in tears several times.  I'm trying not to get discouraged.  I also changed up the sunrise pretty drastically and it looks so much better!
The student teacher for Sam's class had her baby this week.  She had been asked along with several other teachers to create a clay tile to be fired and made into a large exhibit in the school.  However, due to the delivery, she was unable to complete her tile so Sam's teacher asked if I'd do it in her place.  Of course I said I would!  I've always wanted to try clay so here's my first official try.   The theme given was "things you love" however, since I'm making it in place of Mrs. Pavlas, I did things that she loves.  I know she did her baby nursery in flowers and butterflies (yes, she had a girl!) so that's what I went with.  Sam's teacher said Mrs. Pavlas particularly loves roses so that's the flower I chose.  I LOVE working with the clay!  Now to get it fired so I can glaze it!


Joanne Huffman said...

Fun clay tile! And good luck with finishing your painting; I know you'll do beautifully.


Billa-Song said...

just had a look at your Large canvas work that is really amazing
very profound and strong ....kind of solar-plexues thumping
Especially well done and something to come back to again