Sunday, August 17, 2008

Studio pictures

Well, Blogger let me upload my pictures today so here is my "clean" studio. OK, it may not look that clean. There are still some problem area that need to be addressed such as stuff hanging on my shelving unit, things piles on the very top, my drawers of rubberstamps are scary, but my fabric will come first. It seems really weird to be able to see both of my table tops. It's been months and months!


Carla Sonheim said...

Congratulations on the nearly-clean studio! Me too!

One Sheep, One Blog said...

I really like your blog, Angie. Though I'm not an artist like you, I CAN appreciate a clean studio!! Good work.
Lezlie S.

Lorri Scott said...


Will you come over and help me straighten my studio? I haven't unpacked everything from AU yet and I'm having a workshop here on Sunday! EEK! Just hop on that plane and come on over okay? LOL!


monique said...

what a GREAT studio space ;)

Anonymous said...

HI Angie,

I opened up this blog and said to my hubby "look how clean her studio is!" And then, "she HAS a studio" (with envy in my voice.)

I have had spaces like this in my past and I know how hard it is to keep them clean.

From chaos to creation right?

It was nice to meet your husband in Denver.

I am his cousin John's wife- Rhonda.

Your work is beautiful.


Karen Owen said...

It looks great, Angie! It seems like keeping my studio clean and organized is a never-ending job.


freebird said...

And how long till you can't see those table tops again? It sure didn't take me long till I'm scrunching to find space for my current work. It's something we have to do periodically though or we won't even know what we've got.