Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time for another Give Away!

In honor of my Art Unraveled week, I have three of my little trade packages left and want to give them to three lucky winners! The little packets contain:
2- 2x3 sheets of Hebrew text
2-2x3 sheets of Asian text
3 buttons
12 inches of 2 different pieces of vintage lace/trim
1 tiny rubber/plastic animal
1 vintage German tea drip catchers (called Tropfenfangers)
1 Moo card

There is a little "catch" to these drawings. You need to go to my Etsy store and look at the listing for this piece:
Read the description and all details. Then, I want you to come back here and post a comment telling me your honest opinion as to why this piece has had 393 views and has not sold! I'm puzzled by this! That's a lot of views for one piece! This is the artwork featured in the current issue of Pasticcio Zine #4. Anyway, leave a comment and make sure you leave CONTACT INFO. I will be doing the drawing for 3 winners on Saturday morning!


Cancer Dieting said...

Honestly, I can't see why it hasn't sold. It's my favorite of all your pieces and the size is good...though I'd personally have wanted it a little larger. If I wasn't so poor, it would sell today!

Karin from SC

Crazy Art Girl said...

Hi. I just took a look at your Etsy shop. Before I tell you what I think, I wanted to let you know what I was AU last year but did not go this year. I know Reva as well. I hope she did well on her inspirational talk. I am a huge blogger. I do not limit it to art. I post about whatever I want to post about at that exact moment. Of course, I am blogging because I want to and selling stuff is secondary. People have commented that they like my OT (not art) subjects as well as the techniques that are put on my blog.

I have had a lot of views on my certain items in my etsy shop as well. I think the economy has hit many of us - especially art purchases. We are squeezing that dime even more. I really enjoy the piece. It has great depth in it with the colors and the Asian thing going on. I do think that there is too much black around the outer edges. Every time I look at it, I think to myself that there is too much black going on. I am not groovin' on crushed velvet. I know how much time your probably put into this piece, but $125 is a lot to ask for in this economy for an 8.5x11 piece of art. The quilting part is great and makes it personal. I noticed the word "photograph" right away. It is quite a bit to pay for a reprint and not for an original focal image. You wanted honest. Just my opinion.

BTW, I won't be offended if you choose to reject this comment. The goodie thing is fun but that is not main reason I am commenting.

Anonymous said...

Angie~it's a mystery to me. Its a beautiful piece and I'm surprised someone hasn't taken it off your hands!


Debbie said...

Love your work! My initial reaction after having viewed this piece of your artwork your shop is that perhaps the colors are limiting its desirability. I love the colors myself, but maybe they're not "flexible" enough in terms of displaying the work once it's purchased?

Jonni said...

At first sight, the focal point just grabs me. I love this part, the colors, the layout. I guess what turns me away, is the word photograph. I don't understand how this is a photo attached to material?? Then I have to agree with another comment, too much black, and not big on velvet. But I sure don't know what would be the correction for this. Need to put on the brainstorm hat, and perhaps layout with some different backgrounds. But take that center focal piece out, and I am there. Thanks for your blog, I have followed your blog for several months now, so I can't wait to see how you approach seperating your 'art' blog out.


Cindy McMath said...

Angie, I think your piece is gorgeous. I wonder if you have a bit of glare off the vinyl though? To the left of this lovely bird's head it looks like either the colour is washed out (red background) or it might be glare from the vinyl. If it is glare from the vinyl then I would recommend adding a second picture of the print to show what it would look like in real life, or perhaps re-photographing it (e.g. if you have a camera that you can tip the flash on try that).

I don't know if the price is high, low or reasonable as I haven't really priced art quilts, but it doesn't seem outrageous and I would think you know what your usual clientele will pay. Perhaps the economy is playing a factor too?

Good luck with the sale.

Cindy :)

PS - my contact info is annie1there@yahoo.com
I'm in Canada though, and if you don't want to ship to me feel free to take my name out of the draw - I won't be offended in the least.

Crazypieces said...

Honestly, I love cranes, this one is a wonderful rendering, but it is on a background of black. The colors are all harmonious, but black is limiting and for me just looks a little gloomy.
Crazypices in Colorado

monique said...

I think you need more pictures. If I'm thinking of spending that much, I want to see details, the back, etc.

Babytreese said...

I think it is a beautiful piece. The only reason why it may not have sold yet is the price. There are a lot of people who are struggling right now and can't afford to invest in a piece of art like this.

Cory said...

Hello...I think it is a lovely piece, the dark background really makes the focal "pop" and keeps the viewer inside of the panel. The two light value pieces below and above the crane elongates the neck vertically, allowing the viewer to look up and down, not allowing the body of the crane to cut the panel in half. Personally I think that you give away, almost step by step, a how to lesson, on almost all of your pieces. If an art enthusiast wants the piece for his personal collection, $125.00 is not a big price to pay, and it's well worth it. On the other hand if someone want to make something similar, (copy?) all they have to do is follow the almost all there instructions.

That's my personal opinion.....

Divine Synchrondipity said...

I really like this piece and I don't mind the black or the velvet, but that's me. Perhaps it would be more inviting with some colors associated with nature in the background, like greens? I agree that the current economy is probably affecting the sale. (It is hitting me hard everywhere.) My gut is it may be bit high priced for the size... but more accurately said it is probably a bit high for the current economy. (I hesitate to say value should increase with size.) Personally, I am notorious for underpricing my work, so you may want to keep the price right where it is. Best wishes.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Angie!
This is a beautiful peice but I have an idea about why it has not sold- you only have the one close up picture of it. How about some other views? You don't show the beads or the peice hanging and it is hard to get a good read on it and with the economy everyone is being extra careful. Try adding some more pictures and maybe relist it??? I love your work!!
Good luck with this and patience, my dear!!!

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful piece. Personally, the concept of vinyl turns me off- anything plastic does not jive with your image. As far as the word "photograph", perhaps you could say "reproduction".
Good luck!!

joyce said...

it's a really beautiful piece angie. i was one of the early views and really loved it the minute i saw it.

i think a lot of artists are seeing slower sales because of the economy. with gas at $4 a gallon, a lot of people have very little discretionary spending.

miscellanea said...

Unfortunately, while the image is beautiful, I have a hard time visualizing the vinyl on the final piece. I expect an art quilt to have a kind of touchable appeal, and the vinyl doesn't give me that.

Also, I recommend making use of Etsy's ability to share more than one photo of your work. Maybe some closeups would make someone like me, skittish about the vinyl, overcome that.

Unlike several of the other commenters, however, I don't see an issue with the colors used or the velvet!

nkjohnston said...

Gorgeous! No doubt, it will find it's way to the right person for just the right spot. For my home, though, the black is a little too overpowering. This would be a beautiful kimona, treasure chest, etc., but maybe too dark for most people's walls. I would like to see it matted on a beige or lighter background with a smallish black frame to lessen the dark and bring it into my lighter home.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely piece of art! Sorry that I, too, am unable to buy it myself. I wonder if the price is too high? I have nothing to base this on and I think it is definitely worth what you are asking.

Prairie Primitives Folkart said...

I think it's probably the price as much as anything else. The economy isn't doing so great these days (as I'm sure you know); "functional" art (and supplies) are selling better for me these days than things which are purely decorateive. Also keep in mind that the average price of an item that sells on Etsy is $10 or less (or so I hear; one report said if you count everything, including supplies, it's more like $1.70). Good luck!

Penney said...

My first reaction upon seeing this piece was that it was very dark, but after seeing it again in your Etsy shop I really am struck by the simplicity of the red and black color scheme which works well with the Asian motif. I personally love tht velvet background as it gives a soft texture to the piece. I agree with "crazy art girl" about the relatively small size of the piece and the price, even though I know how much work went into the piece. One of the reasons the piece may have had so many views is that it is the first piece in your shop thus the easies to access for browsing for casual viewers.


The Vintage Dresser said...

Angie, I think the piece is beautiful. Maybe the words "recycled" are turning people off. They may think that for $125.00 there shouldn't be anything "recycled". Of course, being a fellow artist, I know what you mean by recycled, but maybe a better word would be repurposed. The only other thing I could come up with is maybe it's just such a bold piece that it won't match many people's decor? I think it's beautiful. Hang in there, with that many lookers it's bound to sell soon!

PS. I hope I win one of the little kits!!


The Vintage Dresser said...

Oh... also, I definitely think you need more pictures. If I were going to purchase it I would want to see all angles... the back, etc.


Karen Owen said...

I think it is gorgeous, Angie. The colors give it a very Asian feel as does the crane. I think it is the present economy. As someone else already said, most of us are pinching our pennies right now, so I don't think you should take it personally.


smetcalfe4911@sbcglobal.net said...

Angie -- I can see why you are puzzled! The only explanation I can think of is the price point -- a little too much in today's economy (arts are always the first to suffer!) I do like your choice of fabrics, however -- I think the velvet adds a nice contrast and sophistication to the other textures.
Its a mystery!

catworx said...

This is such a wonderful piece of art, I am surprised that it is still in your shop.

If I had the $$$, it would disappear quickly, since I really like the image and the color combination!

I really can't pass judgment on your piece, because it's a part of you hanging up there and that makes it precious!!!

I say, blame the atrocious state of our economy for the lack of a sale...please, all, really think about what you want to see in the future before you vote in the next election!!! Just my opinion!


Pilisa said...

While the black does go with the Asian theme very well, and does make the center image pop, my first thought was that I wouldn't want to hang such a dark piece in my home. After reading someone else's post, I can agree with framing it with a lighter mat and skinny black frame, but I didn't think of that as I was viewing the image in your store. (Personally, I love the texture of crushed velvet, so that part attracted me to the piece, but I would have wanted it on green instead.) I wouldn't have any idea about the price being a minus, since I don't make or sell art quilts, but, as others have mentioned, it may be a little high for the current state of the economy.

All of that said, it is a very attractive piece, and I'm sure that's why it's getting lots of views!

Stevie Weinberg said...

The colors are dramatic and beautiful. Your summary of fabrics, textures makes me want to reach out and touch this piece. On first glance it's mesmerizing, the white against all the rich,romantic dark colors. However (alas, the "however") I think perhaps that's why it's garnered so many looks but no sale, it's a bit on the dark side colorwise and would take a very special, specific place in someone's home to display. Many art enthusiasts are looking for bright, cheerful, etc. during the spring and summer. This will sell. Perhaps in the fall/winter when people's souls are more attuned to the colors. It's just beautiful.

Palm Desert, CA

Maija said...


You already know I think it's gorgeous- everything about it!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I love it but feel the same as most other posters and that is that the economy is most likely the answer as to why it is not selling.

Sherry Goodloe said...

Hello Angie - First I would like to say that I love the piece.

As for why so many hits? Not sure. Some of my ticket bowls have had 300+ hits! I did get one huge order (over 100 bowls) from one of those hits though :-)

Ok, so back to your quilted artwork (smiles). . . If the piece was the *original* at that price, I think it would sell. However, a print? Ummmmm, that's a little up there in price. Maybe if it was a giclee you could get that much, but not just a *regular* print.

Also, your description is too descriptive. It was more like a tutorial on how to make your piece.

PS Where's the original? (smiles)

Judy Rys said...

I clicked on it before because of dramatic photo on your sidebar. I thought it was painted and was surprised to read the description. Even though I quilt, I'm finding that the word "quilt" does not add value to your artwork. People seem to find it confusing; they think of blankets that their grandmother made. I think "mixed media" would be a more accurate description. I would show more photos and less words.

Dayle said...

I love this piece, I adore cranes and birds of all types. I am wondering if the reason it has not sold may be the economic times right now. Some may feel spending more than $100 for an art piece is not something they can rationalize at this time. Also using the word vinyl may bother some people.
If it were me I would take this piece down for a couple of months.
Re-photo and re-write the discription and then post it again.
Hope this helps.

linda t said...

Love the piece Angie... but I agree with another comment... maybe if you shot different views, angles, a close up to see more of the texture.

But I also think the economy could have an affect... but hang in there, with Christmas coming up, people are doing ALOT of their shopping with Etsy.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

The piece is lovely. The only thing I can imagine is that out of all those hundreds of views, everybody hated birds. Or they're all poor, like me.

Anonymous said...

It is truly a beautiful piece. I personaly am attracted to asian things they give such tranquility. The color choices are very authentic. However the use of vinyl throws it off for me, I feel it lessens the value of the piece. a waxed finish or perhaps another type medium would have added a little depth/intrigue into the photo. (which is amazing).


Anonymous said...

I would think it would sell, esp. after being published. Maybe in the description you mention "photograph" a couple times and it might give the impression that it is a photo of a quilt or that the center is a photo sewn in. Just a thought. Otherwise, it is gorgeous and should sell.
Jan in MO. jcanyon@msn.com

leddy20 said...

I think the piece is lovely!
In my humble opinion, however, I would think that maybe another layer of color around the perimeter of the smaller quilt might break up the black a little. Or maybe some decorative stitches along the border of the smaller quilt piece. Also, crushed velvet might sound like a turn-off to some people. Maybe you can call it "richly textured background fabric" or something of that nature. All I can say is, if I had the money, I'd buy it. It's beautiful!

Christal from NY

Linda Bingle said...

First, one silly detail: Did you mean to say red "skewer" placemat instead of "screwer"? Otherwise: It's a beautiful piece, and I think it is fairly priced. But I have a few other art friends who have been exhibiting at fairs and the like this summer and word is that "nobody's buying". Attendance is down at many fairs and sales are way down. Apparently the economy has curtailed "luxury" purchases like art for many people. My only other comment is that for me, I like to see work I want to purchase in person, and rarely buy from a photo. I like to touch or at least really see the texture, the size, the "feel" of the piece. Fortunately I am only one person and lots of people buy artwork from etsy sites or other places -- when they are buying. Sorry I can't be of more help. Be patient.

Altered Route said...

Boy...you are sure getting honesty!!! Crazy art girl-Belinda and Sherry Goodloe I think really sum it up. I just wanted to add... Having a piece published does not make it 'appeal' to more people, in fact it's uniqueness is perhaps why it was choosen and makes for excellent display or example, but not for mass appeal.
As far as Etsy sites go...I think if a person lists their serious artwork for high dollar amounts, it should not share the same page or gallery next to 5 dollar vintage supplies. Perhaps a different etsy site for that, so people who don't 'know' you will take you serious.

Anonymous said...

I've been somewhat aol from the group but so happy I visited today and discovered your art! I'm blown away with your giveaway, and the Hebrew text, of coarse, is a fav so far. I enjoyed my visit to ETSY and the art in question is absolutely stunning, drawing the eye completely to the focal of the piece. Luv velvet, so that is working for me. Just pricey but your other offerings look fun. I'll be a steady visitor now.

Jan C. said...

I just looked at your piece in your
Etsy shop and it is beautiful and
so well done.

My only thought is possibly subject as more people probably want birds such as ones they see in their own backyards.

Price may be a factor as the economy is bad and luxuries such as this must be given up.

I'll check out your Etsy shop again and if there's anything I want, and can buy, I certainly will do so.


sammy said...

I view the piec and for me it is to dark of colors and there is no way I could afford the $125 price....

Mija said...

I honestly LOVE this piece and figured someone would snatch it up in no time! The colors are stunning and i am an avid bird lover. as for me tho, i don't buy much art online. first of all, i can't afford to spend much money on art so when i do, i want to be able to view it, see how it's finished, see how deep it is, gauge the size well, see the true colors, texture, etc. i have been disappointed a couple times becuz i'm not able to judge size or texture very well online and so thought something was bigger or different than it actually was.

here are the other things i could think of: i would like to see other photos that show it on a wall, so i can more accurately gauge it's size next to furniture and see the piece in it's entirety. i would also like to see a detail picture. also, i completely understand why you would include a reproduction of one of your paintings but maybe the fact that it is not an orginal painting for the price is a factor for people. i hope we're all giving you some helpful feedback.

good luck!

Anonymous said...

I agree you maybe should use different wording to describe this piece. I do not like the word vinyl, even if that is what it is. It makes me think "cheap". I'm afraid most of us are spending $125.00 for gas and/or food with the economy
the way it is now. Beautiful work, but overpriced.

martha brown said...

I think that this is a beautiful piece, and the price seems right to me for its size. Having said that, I'm having a hard time selling my fabric collages lately -- similar ones used to be snapped up before I even got them on etsy. Now I'm struggling with the decision of removing them, or dropping the price. So I guess that I'm saying economy. The dark colour may figure in, but darks are becoming more popular.
(and now you have about 500 views:)
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I think the piece has a lovely look however the vinyl on a soft romantic fabric like velvet doesn't work real well for me. I think the photo printed on fabric might have worked better.
Debi, Phoenix AZ

Ina Ftacek said...

I thought it was gorgeous but I would think because of the economy right now...more people are foreclosed in this area than ever before and gas prices are outrageous and soo is milk..come on $4.oo a gallon are these golden cows? just my opinion where more are conserving for necessities than fringe stuff... hugs,Ina

Robin G said...

I really like this piece. The colors are good but maybe most won't care for the orange (I like it). Maybe the size is too small for the price. You might have gotten so many hits because it was published and people just wanted a closer look.
Again--I like this piece.

Anonymous said...

Angie, unfortunately I don't think Etsy is the right venue for the crane. The photo does not do it justice, especially the background. Many of the pieces sold on Etsy are of a lower price. Some are more crafty than this wonderful piece of art. Perhaps entering it in some fiber shows or getting it published might do it better justice!

Wabbit said...

Ang, you already gave me one of your trades, so you don't need to enter me in the drawing.

I love this piece but it doesn't fit my decor as others have said. Everyone else has covered the important points (word choice, too much detail on how to make it, the price and the use of a print vs the original, and the economy). I just wanted to throw in that it probably got all the hits because of being in the zine and I wouldn't consider that as serious consideration by someone who was interested in purchasing. So I don't think it has been viewed and rejected. I think it has been viewed for inspiration.

And thanks for mentioning me on your blog. HUGS, Marilyn

Lisa said...

I would agree about the single photograph - I'd personally be more inclined to buy if I could see the piece more in context - like hanging against a wall, maybe a shot of the back showing the hanger. I recently read in the Etsy forums a post about ways to improve your sales, which said (more or less) that since you're allowed 5 photos per item, you should *use* them.

beckydesigns said...

I do think it is beautiful, and I think the colors are appropriate for the Asian theme. In my (very limited) experience, Asian themed pieces haven't sold that well. As beautiful as they are, and seem to be popular to create, it seems that many feel they must have an Asian-themed room to put them in.

As several others have mentioned, I would also add more photos. That was my first thought. What does it look like hanging (kind of a side view of it on the wall)...etc. Work on the description a little as mentioned also (maybe don't tell me it's a placemat...woven bamboo skewer mat, I especially love that part of it though).

And, then there really is that whole sorry economy thing!

Good luck!
Becky • Loveland, CO

Elizabeth in NM said...

The crane is a beautiful piece--very rich in color and texture. I also like the Eucalyptus Squared piece. My thoughts about Etsy--I have dabbled a little without much success--it seems that it is a good source of inspiration for other artists, and to sell supplies, or very low priced works of art--I have not noticed many sales at various stores for higher end art. If I wasn't a starving artist myself....
--Elizabeth in NM

Linda said...

Angie..... beautiful piece!!!! I think it's just too expensive. Send a photo to Somerset Studio and then after it's published in a more high profile magazine .... someone may grab it up. Just needs more exposure. And like Elizabeth suggested.... show some close-ups of some other areas of the piece.

Trish and Bonita said...

I won't repeat a lot of the other stuff, I do like the crane. For me it is the lack of quilting. I know on small stuff you are limited and possibly because of the velvet. Perhaps if it is synthetic velvet you could emboss something or paint on it to add more interest and diminish the amount of black.
Trish from Temecula

morningDove said...

I have looked at this piece and viewed it again. Its too much black for me. I love looking at Asian pieces but my decor is not in that theme.

myownplace said...

Hi, Angie,
Well, first off, I truly love the piece itself. I'm not a black and red kind of person, but as soon as I saw it. I thought, "Well, I'm glad no one bought it, because I will right now." But then I saw the price. I think the price is is probably stopping people. The workmanship is wonderful, the materials are interesting and the piece itself, as I said, is beautiful and arresting. The piece is small for the price, especially for the economy nowadays. If asked, I would have probably priced it at about half that, without seeing the listed price.
I think you might also want to post more pictures. People spending that much money on art ususally want to see more views posted.
And you might want to re-write some of your description, using more positive adjectives: for instance,you may want to replace the word 'small' in the quilt description, especilly if you still feel you've priced the piece fairly.
This is just my opinion, and I'm only being straightforward because you asked for honesty. I hope you take this in the spirit in which it is meant. I think asking for honest input about problems like this is wise, and the art communities can provide valuable insight if we use each other as a resource. Good luck,

Kat said...

I really like the piece Angie. I can't see anything wrong with it except for the price. A good share of the people looking at it are probably artists like me who are not able to pay those kind of prices. You need to get it shown to some richer patrons. LOL


Tiglizzyclone said...

I think that the economy is bad! I would agree with Kat. Artists are probably the ones viewing your items. And most of them don't have much money.

AdeleSews said...

You are getting lots of hits because your work is sophisticated eye candy :D I would like to say I think you work is interesting as in I really enjoy looking at it. (not what people say when they don't like something) :D Reasons for not selling is only a guess. It's quite a dark piece and feels to me like it has a brooding darkness to it and I wonder whether in these hard times people are choosing brighter and cheery pieces to take their mind of their troubles? Only a guess. Adele X

cindy said...

Your work is beautiful. To change something would be to change what the piece is saying. As many have said they love the look of your work. I personally would not change it. It is beautiful.

Sooo my thought on not selling reflects some posted before.
I have an etsy shop too. I have seen a decline in sales lately.
I put some of that to the final weeks of summer. People are outside, enjoying the days before school starts. I hope to see sales pick up after Labor Day.

Second there is price/economy. I have a beautiful vintage journal in my shop that hasn't sold. It has 395 looks! I reduced the price, more looks, still hasn't sold. I really believe it is not overpriced. I figure it must be the increase across the board in food, goods and services which is a result of higher gas prices. People feel they can not "splurge" at this time.
So here's hoping for all of us the economy evens out and we all are able to enjoy a few extras in our life.
Good luck! Cindy

mariasangel said...

I couldn't really find anything comperable on Etsy from other sellers (though I am at work and did not have a whole lot of time to look)--to see what prices are and how others word their description--i did look at your other items and your sold items, and wonder what the price of the 4x6 piece was--i agree with the need for more photos-as looking at this one i thought the velvet was what you were photographing on rather than part of the piece--take down for a bit--relist w/ new photos and new description that focuses on your technique vs the materials--hope that helps!

ArtisticInkspirations said...

I think your Crane quilt piece is lovely. But right now, there are a lot of people just living from paycheck to paycheck...and "disposable income" which a lot spend on items like this are just not in the budgets. I just think the right person with the funds, has not found your beautiful piece of artwork. I also love the Eucalyptus bark piece. Keep on making your lovely art and someone will stumble on it and buy it!!
Connie Smith in NM, prairiestamper@gmail.com

Phyl said...

I think the piece is too small for the big price. It could also use more embellishments like beads, cords, buttons, etc. Just my humble opinion....it's a pretty piece and the reds/blacks are nice together..

Melissa said...

I think more photos and wording the description different, so it doesn't sound like a 'how to' and instead describe how beautiful it is and what the textures feel like.

Of course I am sure the economy has something to do with it right now too. :)

Good Luck in selling it!