Monday, December 22, 2008


So, while I know that many in this country have much colder weather than we do, still, 40 degrees feels cold to me when I walk in the mornings. However, I have found that I enjoy seeing the frost glistening in the morning sun. I have also discovered that my husband had purchased some exercise clothes that are similar to a two piece body glove. Thin, tightly woven fabric that fits like second skin and is very warm. These have been a great find for my walks in the morning and they just happen to fit me perfectly... and he's never worn them, to my knowledge! So, they are now mine. ;) I have also found that after walking in 40 degree temperatures for an hour, the only part left of my body that is just really cold is my face. It has caused me to wonder if "this" is what it feels like to have botox done or collagen shot into your lip... where your brain tells you that you are smiling but you can't feel if the muscles in your face are actually following suit. It's a weird feeling and one that I don't plan on creating with anything injected into my face! The cold is enough!

We went to one of our annual Christmas parties Saturday night. Yes, everyone knows I don't like going to parties by now and it took me the entire day to talk myself into it. But I went and it's always easier after I get there. This particular party is one we have been attending each year for at least 11 or 12 years. Mostly all the same people there each year too. The funny thing is that the whole party is centered around a single pot on the stove of rice. Yes, you read that correctly. Not just any rice, but a Norwegian rice pudding that is just DIVINE! The party is simply titled : Rice Night. Everyone knows about it! It's tradition. Our party host, Steve, cooks this family recipe and it takes most of the day for it to cook, carefully on the stove. I mean hours and hours making sure all the ingredients are just right and that there is no sticking in the bottom of the pan. Last year, we gifted them with a huge Le Crueset pot just for this particular treat, although I'm sure they use it for other things! Of course, there are lots of other foods to nibble on besides the Rice. Cheering always erupts when we see Rand and Michelle Mozingo walk into the house. This couple knows how to cook. Every year we, meaning everyone already at the party, swarm them to see what they made. This year was some sort of oysters, which I did not taste... not eating those things... BUT, Michelle made up this AMAZING parsely pesto that I came close to making myself sick on. I started out putting it on little slices of bread or crackers but ended up just eating it in heaps with a fork. I MUST make it soon. The ingredients were flat leaf parsley, green onion, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and anchovies (the surprise ingredient). I mean, this stuff was unbelievable. Anyway, this year, I finally made my way in the kitchen to be one of the "stirrers". Different guests often rotate through the kitchen to stir the rice for a while. I had duty right near the end with several of us doing taste tests deciding if it needed more cooking time, etc.. Once it was finished, there is someone assigned to the pot to dish it out, someone assigned to the stick of butter to add to each bowl, and another person sprinkling cinnamon on top. It is absolutely to die for and worth breaking my diet for, just for one night. Chuck told me he got the recipe and I'm like, "Uh, no. Do not give me that recipe. It will be my downfall and complete ruin. I will triple my body size if I got free rein on that stuff as often as I want! Once a year is my limit!" He offered to get me a bowl to bring home with me and I turned it down through gritted teeth and iron will.

I also had my family gathering on Saturday with my mom, brother and his family, and us, although Chuck never made it over due to work. We had a nice time together although my step-dad refused to play Scrabble with me because I'm guilty by association... my mom beat his really bad a few times this week so he wouldn't play with me because I'm her daughter and usually beat him too. So.... no Scrabble. But, he owes me and I will get a game out of him soon! I had not seen my neice and nephews in a while and I almost didn't recognize them. My nephews are 13 and my niece is 10... besides my own boys, I was the shortest one in the house! My 10-year old neice is 5'6! My nephews, at age 13, are hoovering at about 6 ft!!!! And here I am just shy of 5'3. One of my nephews is not my brother's child, biologically but the other is built so much like my grandfathers... both were tall and lanky. Why couldn't I have gotten those genes? Oh well...

Today, I fed my kids chocolate cake for breakfast. Yes, I did. Bill Cosby would be proud.
I've already done my exercises and walk this morning, had breakfast, and now it's time to jump in the shower. I think it is haircut time for my boys so guess I'll pin them down for that. Not sure what the rest of the day holds. I do have a counseling appt. at 4:00 though. Other than that, who knows. What I need desperately is art time. I mean NEED... in a bad way.

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Joanne Huffman said...

I sounds like a very nice Christmas party - quite tasty! As you probably would already know, I approve of chocolate cake for breakfast.