Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Desert Botanical Gardens

(taken by Max, age 7)

(Ya' think they are in need of haircuts?! lol!)
The boys and I had a nice time at the Gardens today. I took several photos (seen above) but mostly let Max have free reign of the camera since it was his first "photo shoot". We got to the Gardens later than planned so it got pretty warm while we were there. AND, the garden was more crowded than I've ever seen it. Because of the crowd, the line to go into the butterfly exhibit was a 45 minute wait! NOT! I promised Max I'd take him back maybe next Wednesday after school since they get out early on Wednesday's. The light rail goes right by the garden and I think it would be a fun adventure to take the light rail and avoid driving over in that part of town during rush hour traffic in the afternoon. Anyway, Max was complaining that he really didn't want to go today because it sounded boring. However, he really enjoyed himself taking pictures. He used some of his own money to buy a baby cactus that he named Spike. ;)

Here are a few of Max's shots from today:

I love this shot... a different kind of cactus seeded and growning out of a Saguaro.

By the time we left, the heat and squinting my eyes had me on the verge of a headache and my eyes were just aching. I hit the bed for a short time after we got home. I haven't been very productive the rest of the day either. I finally took some Excedrin and feel better now.

Tomorrow morning, I have to make a quick run to the grocery store for a few things and since it's so close and I need some exercise, we're walking with my handy dandy rolling cart. I'll be having a sitter tomorrow evening as I go into the first session of a conference I am attending through Saturday so I need to plan dinner for the three of them. Maybe they can make their own pizzas. I have the stuff already but need to get the pizza dough out of the freezer. Anyway, I'll be going to bed here shortly but wanted to share some shots of our day!


Joanne Huffman said...

Wonderful photos. Max certainly has your eye for good images.


Maija said...

Max is a photo artist in the making!!

Margaret Ann said...

Great Shots've got a good eye for perspective...Love that first one! :)