Friday, March 27, 2009

A few things off catch up

Well, it's late here so this will be a bit short. I just finished watching a chick flick by myself sitting in bed. I moved my computer to my bedroom and use my monitor to watch movies! It's quite convenient when you have a 24 inch monitor!

I spent the day with my friend, Lynn. I taught her how to make the book I'll be teaching at Art Unraveled! She has offered to be my class assistant so she needs to know what we are doing! It was such a fun day creating and brainstorming together. She took notes as I talked ideas out... I felt important... like she was my personal secretary! LOL! We have a lot of ideas! She asked really good questions while we were making the book today too so it was good practice.

Yesterday, a tornado hit the small town in Mississippi that was always "home". Both sides of my family are from Magee and as a child, it was my most favorite place on earth. The church that generations of my family attended, was completely destroyed. It's still so shocking to see the pictures. I was in my first wedding as a rice girl in that church when I was 7. I remember attending revivals there as a child and participating in kid programs when we visited my grandparents in the summer or on holidays. I remember watching my grandmother stretch out her quilts on table tops to prepare them for quilting. Many, many memories there. It's so sad to see such destruction. I also heard that the home my grandparents lived in before they passed away had a tree laying in the middle of the house. I'm so thankful they were spared that. My grandfather was deathly afraid of storms and usually would go spend the night at someone's house if a storm blew in. Of course, most of my life, they lived in a house with a metal tin roof so it was really noisy in a storm! Anyway, prayers for that community are so appreciated.

Tomorrow, I have someone doing some work in my apartment so I have to be here most of the day but am planning to go hike early in the morning first thing. I also want to work on a painting tomorrow. I finally have my work tables clear and ready for creating! It feels so good!

Also, this past week our church had our week of 24/7 prayer. It was powerful again this year. I wish I could have spent more time than I was able. Easily, one could be there for hours.

Well, I'm hitting the bed.


rscoach said...

Angie - so sorry to hear of the devastation of your childhood hometown - thanks for sharing with us - hugs - Reva (Los Angeles)

Joanne Huffman said...

It's scary to realize how vulnerable we all are to unexpected disasters.