Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Still alive

Gosh, you guys must think I dropped off the face of the earth! But no, I've still been trying to settle in to my new apartment and all the details that go along with it and keeping up with kids and life stuff.

And, when I moved out for the separation, my intention was to just move out basic stuff the boys and I would need for the next year. However, my husband asked that I removed EVERYTHING of mine and the kids from not only the house, but also storage... which I did yesterday with the exception of photographs and Christmas stuff, basically... I just don't have the capacity to go through that stuff right now. So anyway, just when I was starting to feel somewhat settled in the apartment, it now has boxes of stuff everywhere, again. I am slowly working my way though, organizing, cleaning out, deciding what to keep and what to get rid of at a yard sale. It's exhausting and time consuming. I finally went and got my car title transferred over to my name today.

Last week, I went on an all day field trip with Sam's class to Kartchner's Caverns in southern AZ. It was a total of 6 hours on a bus of third graders and a total of 12 hours of a field trip. It was very tiring but I really enjoyed the caverns even though I couldn't take pictures inside. It was amazing to see. I was awestruck. And sitting in a cavern when they turn the lights off for several seconds, being enveloped in the darkest darkness imaginable in a giant hole that has been in a mountain for 500,000 years well... it's overwhelming and powerful. The formations are staggering too. These particular caverns were just discovered in the 70's! It was a really nice day and all the schedule of everything went like clockwork.

My exercise routine has been somewhat interrupted with all the moving stuff going on but I did go hike the mountain on Saturday and ran into a couple that I have been looking for and asking about on Facebook to various friends. I was so happy to see them and sad that we'd lost touch for so many years. We exchanged phone numbers in each other's cell phones so now we can get together again. That meeting on the mountain was a God thing, I'm thinkin'... I don't believe in cooincidents.

Well, I'm still trying to recover from my day yesterday so I think I hear my bed calling me. Maybe tomorrow I won't be so wiped feeling like my eyes are swollen and budging out of my head.... I'll try to get back to my blog on a more regular basis. I have pictures to load into my other blog too! I hate being behind....


Lisa Gallup said...

Really good to hear from you! I see you on FB all the time, but it's different reading the blog. :) Glad you are getting settled in......I know this is an unsettling/settling in time of life for you! xoxo

Joanne Huffman said...

Glad to hear you're settling in, sorry to hear you're having to del with all your belongings.